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  1. King of North

    Pre-World Samos Discussion Thread

    Maybe on 100% , but will see
  2. King of North

    Mihalis & Anysia

    always same ..
  3. King of North

    Pre-World Omfori Discussion Thread

    Why so serious
  4. King of North

    Can you...

    @GodDamnEmperror if u want to delete your account doing next steps. Open settings-> account settings -> delete account -> and confirm mail form inno on your email adress.
  5. King of North

    No Open CQ Worlds

    Guys the inno always do things what they want .. not what community want most of those who upgrade this game don't even know how the game works, because the newer the update / improvement, the more crap I've been playing this game for a long time and the further it goes, the more it goes to sh:t
  6. King of North

    No Open CQ Worlds

    In March :) i think every 2 months are open new worlds
  7. King of North

    No Open CQ Worlds

    who knows
  8. King of North

    World Boosts - a discussion

    Make that like before the citys when u colonize will had 3k points that was good
  9. King of North

    Proposal Postpone old app closure

    All the players wanted the old app so we know what they will do ..delete it
  10. King of North

    Dionysia Event Feedback Thread

    1 POINT - very bad event , unobtrusive , a lot of text , all the crap 2 POINT - As we know the best for Christmas was the Advent calendar .. Players had the opportunity to win different awards every day and it was themed for Christmas. thats all.. i dont understand what wanted inno , but we...