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  1. The next to disband

    I was just wondering when OG Puppy will be back. We obviously had 3rd string puppy this weekend.
  2. Pnp Natural Desperation - RIP Astro Creep :(

    In my experience playing on this server, I am only concerned with Mercenary501 and Brady7. They are the only two players to gold an army and bring a challenge against me. Puppy is an opportunist and will throw his team under the bus when it suits him. Karma likes to talk a good game but no...
  3. Pnp Natural Desperation - RIP Astro Creep :(

    I actually enjoyed your Christmas jingle. This story was good because of the last line but I have higher expectations of you.
  4. I wish this game was cool again…

    I think the only way to alleviate grepo burnout and rage quitting is to implement a form of Empire Access for other players. This is a game and for health reasons we need to sleep and for financial reasons we need to fulfill the obligations of gainful employment. What I would like to see is a...
  5. I wish this game was cool again…

    I have been thinking about a way to have more game/life balance within the current game mechanics. I think another button at the top of the screen next to incoming attacks called alliance attacks would work. It is a simple way to alleviate grepo burnout without a major change in the game code...
  6. I wish this game was cool again…

    My issue with this game is that I have been consistently attacked between 2-4am for four months now. I am not complaining about being op'd or attacked. I am complaining about the duration and how that takes a toll on real life. I have a computer in my room with an attack alarm that goes off...
  7. Who is oldest registered playing still active

    Your registration date: 2010-07-24
  8. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Are we actually at war with anyone? I did lose my first city on this server to LMD a few days ago. Thank you for trying to give us some action. Apathy was starting to kick in.
  9. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

  10. Pnp Prometheus trying to discover Fire

    I think they should now be known as Pro BS. plaguetower on 2015-07-16 at 22:28 So BS is merging with pro. Does that you guys Pro BS? Ashsmith on 2015-07-16 at 22:30 Well no we are just Pro Pt
  11. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Looks good Slim Shaddies
  12. Trash Talking Thread~EN83 Zancles

    This is usually a busy thread. I hope that we can get some friendly banter started here after this post. Hail Hydra!
  13. Farewell to Troy

    I am going to miss my only decent challengers. I have spent many hours staying awake and changing my sleep schedule because of DM members. I am going to be happy not hitting bir walls anymore. I tried to keep you guys busy and keep the game interesting. Boredom is going to be my biggest...
  14. Top 12 alliance opinions

    Alliance X - Name Analysis Hey, I am mutilated. I don't know about superpowers but i have been called a giant on occasion. Or there is the famous give my three because i only have three fingers, or three finger discount. I can't speak for the rest of the Alliance but I think I fit in very...
  15. Fail of the Day

    LOL.. I fell from laughing so hard when I saw this report. I love SEA. They put the Special Education Army to the test and always give the special touch.
  16. Epic Fail meets SEA

    Your right about the turtle effect of MRA's. One of their leaders, which by the way is what I focus on, had over 1000 Biremes in their port. The SEA MRA is actually learning to use BB codes and send useful support. Don't tell them that we can attack his other city because it has little...
  17. Really this stupid?

    They are now called Spartards on many internal forums. They have so many stunning accomplishments.
  18. Theta Alliances

    The Republic is Ranked 20 in Battle Points. Their profile looks good and they appear to have many active members. They are not near me so I don't pay much attention to them yet. I am interested in Spartan Elite Army, they are ranked #1 in ocean 66 which is where I reside.