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  1. Madbanshee

    First Thoughts

    Just joined this world today, looks like I've missed quite a lot... game looks so weird now :P
  2. Madbanshee

    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Decent sink or swim you got there +1 rep
  3. Madbanshee

    Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    Last time I played this game was almost a year ago... missed it all I guess! Time to have fun again :)
  4. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

    I lost track of the Milestones, sorry XD
  5. Madbanshee

    venomous vermin

    I'd never thought this day would ever come! :cool: Edit: Damn it Briar, you beat me to it haha
  6. Madbanshee

    Top 12 Alliances

    It's not just a marathon. Tsunami are not doing as well as Envenom in BP at the moment. No matter what the excuse is, they will be slacking behind Envenom. At this stage, More BP = More CP = More Cities = :cool: However, I do believe that their tight locations will significantly benefit them...
  7. Madbanshee

    Trash Talking Thread~EN 82 Taras

    I think they are offensive units, why don't you send some to my city to try it out? :P
  8. Madbanshee


    5 cities before BP ending...? That's just di$gu$ting :P
  9. Madbanshee

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Here's a fact... Danish Support Division mass recruit players and then kicks out some players without any notices/reasons (including me). Since I've been kicked out and I'm surrounded by Danish Support Division members, there is no hope for me :( RIP Madbanshee
  10. Madbanshee

    Who will kill O Orador First

    I am disgusted to have been part of THE GANG for a few days. One thing that p*ssed me off was the bad grammar used in the mass mail messages and alliance forum. I know that's not a big issue but I just couldn't handle how bad it was. I kept receiving demands by the leaders as if I was their...
  11. Madbanshee

    Picnic Bunnies

    I'd love to join you, only if that's all good for ya. I'm a bit rusty but I started en80 today only to prepare for this upcoming world :P
  12. Madbanshee

    EN 81 player line up

    I'll probably end up joining... I've got nothing else to do haha
  13. Madbanshee

    Premade - Next Conquest Server

    Hey Bond, long time... good luck ;) You'll probably see me in this upcoming world but haven't got a clue which flag I will be under yet.
  14. Madbanshee

    Resources for Conquest research does not show

    Thanks, it worked :)
  15. Madbanshee

    Unable to research/click on Conquest

    For some reason, it's not letting me highlight the Conquest research in the Academy even if I have it on level 30+ on my cities. This means that on one of my cities that doesn't have Conquest yet wouldn't be researchable for myself. Anyone else having this issue and have the solution?
  16. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

    Woops I forgot to announce here that I am going in VM and will be back soon.
  17. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

  18. Madbanshee

    Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Also we actually needed something interesting or funny to be posted on the forums so we decided to do this :P
  19. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

    Hm do you have a picture of yourself being the only one to reach 10k+? Edit: Dw, I'll just put you on there :P
  20. Madbanshee

    Milestones World Rhammus

    Thanks once again guys :)