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  1. decimel

    World Wonders - Top Tips from the veterans

    :heh: Is there any players that have been through the World Wonder era that can offer advice and top tips? Aside from the 'blurb' on the islands I cannot find any discussion/guides on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  2. decimel

    Temple? Harbor? Or Market?

    After Academy on the third level of building in the Senate which do you think should be built next and why? Temple? Harbor? Or Market?
  3. decimel

    Ocean 41

    Any views/comments on alliances in ocean 41? :eek:
  4. decimel

    Help!!!!!!!!!! New to Grepolis - Where's the help?

    I have searched Wiki and forums but cannot see it anywhere. Where is the full/proper/easy introduction on the first few hours and days of how you play this game. :o Thank goodness I came across the Wiki, and typing in beginners on the search, but it should be on menu. And even then there is...