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    Wait what happened to Amazon King? LOL What happened to his rooster?
  2. Thot Slayers looking for active players

    Name: Thot Previous worlds: Thot Experience: Thot anything else?
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    It's all about good roosters. Good roosters are what the hens follow.
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    You're that guy :D I'm wondering who's supporting me.:D I'm not sure about my rooster :confused:
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    Sort of.
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    I hope they're using their best roosters!
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    Fair enough. :)
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    Wooii, that's harsh. LOL. Luckily sane people generally don't care about other peoples opinions. These same people usually don't need to tell everyone that little fact :D
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    I never lose with my best rooster.
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    The grepo forums are like graveyards now. Dead.
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    You could've made yours and got it back on topic, lol.
  12. Trash Talk

    Hmm, Daizan is back?
  13. Trash Talk

    Nah, Gamma, when Grepo was sweet and innocent. Sigh*
  14. TBT To When Everyone Said We'd Fail

    Now now ladies, play nice...
  15. NoobMeUp, Portrait of Lato's Most Hated

    Wow. Drama in the core...
  16. Pnp Finally the Shield Cracks

    Hi, Thank you for your comment. Its not my job to promote forum activity, humpty. I am a mere pleibian, dumpty. As a citizen of this forum, who has just come back to find this disgusting new user face, and deader forums than I left, I was enquiring as to where my invitation was to pay my...
  17. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Oo k. Where has the topic gone? Let me look...
  18. Pnp Finally the Shield Cracks

    Well this is disappointing. Such a lacklustre response to a pnp. The forum died? Where was my invite to the funeral? Not even joking...
  19. Hi

    Hi. How do you do?