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  1. swordsman31

    Pnp Noobs of the Day - Myself and Palehorse24 - BN Struggling with Rank 32 Alliance?

    I was getting bored in this server, originally I was here to gold farm but then I decided it was too boring and I decided that I needed some attention. So then, why not attack the no.1 alliance in this server? So long story short, I landed a CS on Palehorse24 with the help of my mighty...
  2. swordsman31

    Milestones That Will Actually Last

    Since no one is bothered competing for these records, I might aswell put myself down for them. 02/18/16 - 6812 defensive BP 02/27/16 - 547 offensive BP For the most defensive BP in one day, and the most offensive BP in one day records.
  3. swordsman31

    Pnp A message from Triad

    We are no longer pacted with Hydra, yet it still did not prevent us from building another 2 Wonders. Also since Hydra would supposedly have such a huge impact on whether or not it is pacted with Triad, why can't this be seen now, I don't see Hydra being able to do much harm to Triad, even though...
  4. swordsman31

    Milestones That Will Actually Last

    Can we add, most offensive BP in one day, most defensive BP in one day? Most cities conquered in one day? By both player, and alliance.
  5. swordsman31

    Top 12 Top Alliances - Sink Or Swim

    Will do a sink or swim, but since I am not very involved in this server I'll try my best based on stats and my personal experience. Please don't hate on me if I get some things wrong. 1. Breaking News - Swim No.1 in ABP No.1 as fighters Currently at war against La Famiglia, with a 43-8 lead...
  6. swordsman31

    Noob of the Day

    Post all your noob attacks, fails, and any other funny things that may have happened. :D I'll start things off, nominating ARMA NERO-QUE as noobs of the day
  7. swordsman31

    Pnp A Sad Day for Qulip

    This is brilliant lol
  8. swordsman31

    Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    rhino seem to be playing the smartest game so far, they won't ally with IO or Triad yet, they're just watching for whichever alliance starts winning and they'll join the winning side lol ....slowly Rhino wind up in 6th place and they're slowly gaining ground while Triad and IO are battering each...
  9. swordsman31

    Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    If these rim alliances decide to merge then internal their dead weight, then what dust said is quite a likely possibility. Triad was a small rim alliance in Oropos for a long time, away from all the major action but we still managed to pluck the wonders from all the other alliances.
  10. swordsman31

    Rate the player!

    there wasnt anyone above me, I am the highest
  11. swordsman31

    Rate the player!

    Rate Me :cool:
  12. swordsman31

    Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Slim I think that we can establish that at least one of these smaller rim alliances will swim and be a threat at WW stage.
  13. swordsman31

    Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

  14. swordsman31

    Nukes vs Mixed

    You get mixed nukes built quicker and you should probably use them against cities that you are unsure of what is inside, but generally one trooped nukes are better
  15. swordsman31

    bolted farm

    Guys say you have a level 40 farm, but 0 pop. If someone bolts your farm, will the pop go negative?
  16. swordsman31

    Epic Battle Reports

    They call me Sword :D
  17. swordsman31

    Epic Battle Reports

    "][/URL] This is from Gonnos lol
  18. swordsman31

    Epic Battle Reports

    "]http://[/URL] another classical 'unescorted' I have got about 14000 BP from the low morale in only 2 days lol
  19. swordsman31

    Pnp MRA and Noobs

    you fled to a pact alliance that only had an SOS tab in their forum, no ops no offense no nothing, I always wanted to conquer that alliance but I was advised not to. That same alliance started in Dymes, and all of ye got rimmed. You pleaded me to get into Warpath, the alliance I was in. I am...
  20. swordsman31

    Oropos Battle Records: Attacker and Defender of the Day Records.

    3/12/14 Drunkenbaws got 51792 ABP