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  1. O55/o65

    Not sure if people even use externals any more these days, but anyways... Anyone that's keen to team up with a charming player such as myself that located in O65 or on the O55/65 border drop me a line in game and we'll have a nice chat. Cheers lads.
  2. Rate The Player Above You

    Hey everyone, most forums have these threads and seeing as i'm such an egotistical guy, I figured i'd start this one off in Gonnos. Pretty much just rate a player out of ten on whatever catagories you see fit, main ones being, Alliance, Points, Battle Points (can be split into both A and D BP)...
  3. Players of Ocean 46

    To all players of Ocean 46. If you're on here then i'm already going to make the assumption that you're active, but If you're seeking a good alliance with good people and a good attitude, please feel free to drop me a line in game and an invite will most likely come your way from the lads in...
  4. Known Ghost Towns?

    Anyone know if anybody has ghosted yet and can provide co-ordonates so we can complete the spy quest before BP ends? (Please no about how people can't ghost yet, how we shouldn't be building caves yet, how we should horde our silver, how we shouldn't be asking in a forum or any of the other...
  5. Post your wall

    Haha, this forum's like some vacant ghost town these days, who wants to show off a little?