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  1. irishnino

    So Many Choices

    Ahhhhhh So many choices and only 4/5 hours into the server, what am i going to do? Who should be lucky enough to have my presence in their alliance :P Didnt even get a follow up message :( was looking forward to reading them :(
  2. irishnino

    So BP has ended

    So it looks like bp has ended for certain players and looks like Chaos Hunters are taken full advantage so far Specially Now the world starts getting interesting. "Let the battle begin" :D
  3. irishnino

    Happy new year grepo :d

    Happy new years guys, i wont be on later so i cant wish everyone a happy new year so i'll do it now HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope 2011 was good to everyone and wish 2012 will be even better, 2011 had some ups downs for everyone, some good memories and some bad but just got to pick yourself back up...
  4. irishnino

    Ephesus Post Coming soon!!!

    After redesigning the ephesus times, sedai contacted me to start up a newspaper called the Ephesus Post since i got good feed back on the other one i decided why not. it will be similar to ephesus times but with some more added features and will only be released every second week or so...
  5. irishnino

    Why you should vote for me (mr december)

    Why You Should Vote For Me its simple Because i really dont care im cool like that ;) :cool: Thanks for nominating me guys, and if i magically get voted and win, I promise i will cut all taxes and everyone who voted for me will get free gold ;) Irishnino for President sorry if i...
  6. irishnino

    Newspaper Ephesus Times Issue 2 Re-issued (graphic update))

    When designing the newspaper I decided to do it in image format, this was for a graphic purpose to make it look good because people were complaining about it been boring and plain, which i have to agree on it was. so since i have alot of time on my hands i decided i'd have a go and redesign the...
  7. irishnino

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, Hope everyone has a good day, spend it with there families and get drunk :P I'm Irish so I'll definitely be getting drunk :D See you's all on the 26th and don't forget to come back I might miss you's otherwise ;) Peace out and have a good 1 :)
  8. irishnino

    Battle Reports

    want to show off your battle reports?? want to brag about the little fish you caught? Post them here and let everyone have a look :P
  9. irishnino

    Beginner First Sig

    A player came to me earlier looking for me to create him a sig because he liked the look of mine, unfortunately i didnt create my sig but i told him i'd have a go of creating a sig for him, so he mailed me his theme which was clocks and what he'd like to be on the sig so this is what i came up...
  10. irishnino

    How many will there be?

    Wow i just received an invite from another LoDa alliance and when i went onto its profile look what i found.. Seriously how many will there be? its getting out of hand at this stage sp far there's at least 6 and its only 3 days into the server Another random invite to another LoDa...
  11. irishnino

    There we have it people

    There we have it people our first academy alliance's only a few hours into the game there excuse will be "were extending our cap to 180." this is ridiculous. we all no who the biggest MRA is anyways
  12. irishnino

    So Many Choices

    Wow a few hours in and already have about 12 invites and only 3 sent mails alliance's really need to stop mass recruiting. guess im a wanted man :D upload your images and show every1 how many invites you got. can any1 beat my 12
  13. irishnino

    show off your walls

    show off your walls and brag about your kill ratio here is mine only out of bp 2 days and not any decent players on my island ratio: 1.08
  14. irishnino

    Bloodlust Knights

    Bloodlust Knights is coming to a ocean near you ;) Founder: Irishnino Co. founder: Runaway Zero Ocean: 46 Pacts: very limited maybe 1 or 2 Member cap: 70-80 ish Who are we? Bloodlust Knights is an alliance created for members who have a hunger for aggression and a desire to succeed. We do not...
  15. irishnino

    hey Xi, I'm back

    hey Xi, i would just like to introduce myself to the Xi community, my names irishnino and i've been playing this game on and off since alpha and have alot of experience of the game and have been involved in some rather major and interesting events. im currently in college studying web...
  16. irishnino

    Very First Sig

    Hey people, just finished my very first sig, i know i've alot more to do on it and the middle seems kinda plain, any suggestions
  17. irishnino

    College Work

    hey people, Aames Eric, im currently in college studying graphic, web and 3D design, recently completed a 3D project which I thought i'd share the final renders with every1, I some times post it within my alliance but since this is open to a bigger audience I thought this would be a better...