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    Would be nice to have players stick around :). I wonder if any real pre-made is going to come in a week or 2 though. Btw this is everything but a top 12 thread. I should start a new one and mod should rename this to general chat hahaha
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    True ^^, you guys are still keeping to traditions :)
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    Looks like indies started a 2nd alliance as well ;). Stop giving us cr*p for doing it :P
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    Well those are some harsh accusations daizan :), of course we will teach the players that want to be thought and ask questions. I've done this countless times. I don't see why would you go personal here bud ^^, we will drop some players as we figure where our core will be before BP ends, giving...
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    Why so much hate on us :(
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    30% premade 70 % MRA ^^ Perfect balance :)
  7. Top 12 Top 12

    Who knows, we might make another one ^^.
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    LMAO, after BP ends it will be fun for sure ^^
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    watch us ^_^
  10. Virdinians Recruiting Serious Players

    Looking for good players to join up ^^ Message me in-game (Virdinian).
  11. Wars

    I must say considering the huge 20% attack boost you guys had from the event, I would have thought that you guys would target more than O54 cities and our internals :). Still not a bad job by Thermopylae. Don't celebrate yet ^^
  12. Pnp HEROES

    huh o.o?
  13. Top 12 Alliances

    Nothing stops the players from sending reso to the players in the main alliance and allowign them to favor farm them though :)
  14. Top 12 Alliances

    Funny how we have different approaches to the current state :). Btw is top 10 even needed xD? Anything out of top 6 is pretty much sink lol
  15. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Don't forget our Invictus ;). A feisty academy ^^
  16. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    HI Corsair :), not sure if you know, Imperium, Imperius and Invictus are all a part of the Imperials family and their total score adds up to the number posted above. Concerning REPO comments, I have a problem with asking someone to join your alliance and then kicking him out 2 days after cause...
  17. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Updated List. This list will be primary concerning changes that Mayhem's dissolution made and will focus on the northern regions. 1. Imperials: 21.7 Mil points. Once again as it is my own alliance, I'll refrain from giving too much info here. Not much change concerning us from my previous...
  18. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Ye doing one tomorrow or later today :)
  19. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    I guess I'll have to do an updated list soon when I got time ^^
  20. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Well sort of. But after Thermopylae formed, what's left of Mayhem manage to regroup for a lil while. That's what i meant.