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  1. Oreus latecomers - Law Of Superiority

    Alliance name: Law Of Superiority World: Oreus (EN125) Be aware that in order to join us you have to: Have and ue alarm, that is a must! Discord/Skype, we may decide which one fits the best with our team. Follow the plan and stick with the team. Kamikaze minded players have an advantage. I...
  2. Toxic League - Premade for the next high speed server!

    I would like to build a premade for the next server. I guess you already know that alarm and sleepless nights aren't anything special. Feel free to contact me in order to join us. Requirements: 1. Use discord! 2. Have fun! 3. Don't blame others! 4. Have fun again! 5. Follow leader's...
  3. Trolls United - Revolt killers