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  1. mouceen

    World chat

    Someone post pernament link here thanks
  2. mouceen

    Remove cap on farm building level

    Now, hear me out. What it says in the title does sound too OP, but im proposing it with a twist that doesnt make it that OP. My idea is that once you reach lvl 45 Farm, you have to pay 30k from each resource for next level, and maybe even pay with culture points. And each farm level would give...
  3. mouceen


    Recruiting players to join me in my upcoming alliance. Idea is that i and some other people will get conquered to have new hope and respawn on rim in about 5 days. If you are in beginners protection and just getting gold and want to have a shot in the world later, hit me up on discord: or pm me...
  4. mouceen

    Cant have the word loli in my alliance name

    I like lolipops actually not quite sure whats wrong with it, anyone elaborate?
  5. mouceen

    Question about senate barracks and harbor

    Can i ask someone or devs, how much does senate actually increase the building speed, and how much do barracks and harbor increase the recruitment speed? This would be helpful as I'm trying to figure out whether its faster for fresh city to rush academy 13 for research or senate 25. I've tried...
  6. mouceen

    world discord So that we can enjoy snappier trash talk, everyone is welcome to join, feel free to pm me there if you wish for an alliance tag to be assigned
  7. mouceen

    Top 12 Top 12

    I am not planning to play this world but still i am honoured to create the top12 thread, my dream has come true
  8. mouceen

    Gif as a profile picture

    Title is pretty self-explanatory We have gifs that we can use in forum under [ img ] bb-code, why not make this as an option to a profile picture? Also (i havent played tw in 4 years) but im pretty sure that tribal wars which is another inno game do have this option
  9. mouceen

    Proposal Mini wonders

    What is it? Mini wonders is exactly what it sounds like, every alliance, no matter how long in game could build something like a wonder on an island that has 20/20 cities belonging to that alliance. Detailed explanation. Basically you can build little wonders that will boost the cities on...