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  1. GNN Breaking News

    Yeah, hopefully
  2. GNN Breaking News

    Thats a shame, thanks for trying though.
  3. GNN Breaking News

    Does anyone have futbolTango on skype or discord or something? I want be able to keep in contact with him because he proved to be a nice guy in the end.
  4. GNN Breaking News

    Agreed! As weird as it sounds, I actually wish he was still here to post propaganda about us lol!
  5. Map

    anytime mate :)
  6. Map

    I use but the quality of the map is inferior to that of a Grepointel map however it does it's job so I can't complain.
  7. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I can confirm that The Last Age is not an MRA, I have worked with some of their guys on Amisos and they have some very good players, just because they have 40 members already doesn't mean they are going to collapse.
  8. GNN Breaking News

    Bye Tango, best of luck, I know we are enemies but at least you kept the forums alive and made things fun Good luck out there buddy Ares :)
  9. Newspaper Amisos Chronicles Issue Five

    Nice job again Rock, keep up the good work! :) I pick number 12
  10. GNN Breaking News

    I only play the game very casually, so no, but please read the pm I sent you
  11. Hi peoples I used this, it is not as good as grepointel but it will do until grepointel update their maps.
  12. GNN Breaking News

    Alright, I will be relishing the moment when yall attack me properly so I can get some nice BP :) If you want action, then don't wait in line, come straight at us :p
  13. GNN Breaking News

    Piot003 has been plugging away at me recently in 034, and lots of Imperium players elsewhere.
  14. GNN Breaking News

    The reason I believe you were working with Imperium was that things had been relatively quiet for me until recently I was struck by Imperium and Thermo at the same time, on cities far away, which I assumed was to split the support and stretch it as thin as possible. Since I trust you guys are...
  15. GNN Breaking News

    Maybe not, but I suspect you may coordinate with Imperium somehow...
  16. GNN Breaking News

    You can't really say CD and Atlantis Mallorean are collapsing, its members are just merging into HEROES and ATLANTIS. Whilst it is somewhat justifiable to say REPO is collapsing since many joined thermo, many just went to Imperium. However, those who remain in REPO such as The Baron I respect...
  17. GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    I guess so, as long as we keep things respectful and dont personally attack each other then I suppose we can forgive each other.
  18. GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    Tango, if a random player who wasn't affiliated with either side sees these forums and sides against you, then that is strong evidence to suggest that you are wrong. Also, please don't play the race card, I can understand the fact that you may be having a hard time, and I'm sorry about that...

    Completely agree, not sure why they felt the need to pact with HM, they have cities scattered all over their core and are easy pickings. If REPO can clobber them, then thermo can surely do better. Don't get me wrong though, HM have some great players like Junebugspade, Flying Lions, R2DC and...

    I still believe we have a decent chance, remember, it is not all about fighting, when WW comes we will have the advantage because we have more cities.