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  1. Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    There will be another edition released in a few weeks. I'll make sure to interview you @iron head43 :)
  2. Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    If there are any errors let me know so I can fix it
  3. Newspaper Istros Global Newspaper

    It's out, now leave me alone Cornetto!
  4. Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    Sorry it's in two parts, forum only allows 10000 characters at a time..
  5. Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    III. TOP 10 SINK/SWIM I have never done a Top 10 before, so this attempt will be a first. I also don't have much to say in this regard, but will try and comment as much as I can. Any criticism of my Top 10 is not welcomed, so direct any anger towards Smallfishpunk or iMrCornetto. 1. VICTRIX -...
  6. Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    Istros Newspaper Second Edition Welcome to the Second Edition of the Istros newspaper. The purpose of the newspaper is to bring players up to speed on current server events. This edition will include a news section containing interviews with some of the leaders from some of the top alliances in...
  7. Newspaper Istros Global Newspaper

    Lmao, you can thank VICTRIX for delaying the paper ;)
  8. Newspaper Istros Global Newspaper

    I have experience doing newsletters/newspapers, I could do one if no one else will. Won't be released until Friday, though.
  9. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    I definitely blame Russia
  10. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    I don't post here very often.. nor do I check here often. But I have to say, reading some of this is embarrassing. You're like a bunch of bickering old women (apologies to old women). Seriously though, leave the bs out of this thread because I people wanna see Top 12 lists, not a bunch of morons...
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