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  1. kdaroks


    En25 I miss the days when you wake up to 8 or so sieges and bust em all, when navy ruled the game not these silly fliers we have today.
  2. kdaroks

    Turn off morale Yes/No?

    Want 1 more option other because i don't know.;)
  3. kdaroks

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Gotta say now I’m enjoying the forums, some passion on these pages
  4. kdaroks

    Siege Time is Too Long

    the problem isnt the duration, its the alliance cap matched with the time, if it were lets say 60 cap im sure everyone would be sweet, but at the beginning everyone wants d
  5. kdaroks

    Summer Starts Now!!

    Top 12 cockup thread... nice
  6. kdaroks

    Time To Retire

    Catch ya B.B. been a hoot
  7. kdaroks

    Best Team Ever Assembled?

    Tricky question here, the best alliances are usually built over time, but assembled id have to say a venom ally i was in on some revolt server, that was silly big players everywhere who had the game nailed. Best alliances i have seen on the other hand are clear, hateocracy from caly and triads...
  8. kdaroks

    Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade

    If distical mijitz joins im in bud
  9. kdaroks

    Would You Play A Old School World Today?

    A definite maybe for me, i hate the new flyers are everything game and watch 100k clu get munched Bring bacl ol school grepo and the navy game
  10. kdaroks

    Not a Bug One city Islands (no anchors) should not be WW islands

    I'm guessing this is for large island anchor points, if so I have tried to figure this out since calydon, there was some guy like 4 oceans away from the rim who had large island anchors but you couldn't colonize on them, would like a proper explanation cause its a wicked exploit of the game.
  11. kdaroks

    Inactive Topic Island Quests Timer

    Also sending units should allow myths, and yeah naval towns get a raw deal.
  12. kdaroks

    N/A - Premade

    Yup im ready to come back hit me up if yer want me.
  13. kdaroks

    Dimale: Age of World Wonders News

    words of wisdom here
  14. kdaroks


    lol mate i got itchy too, but yeah wheres all the good servers at?
  15. kdaroks

    Deactivation of Grepolis Mobile Website Discussion

    App is stupid, haven't used it for a long time now but here goes with the problems -cant change town names -time is set to a specific londondon time -stupid phone barks all day cause you play hard so folk get upset>:) -reports -timing attacks / defense...impossibro im sure i missed...
  16. kdaroks


    Ya i too cant be bothered with this game anymore, everything has changed and its just a bore, even the tactics are cheap, not one thing that i loved about the game is here anymore. biggest blunder is myth tokens, has murdered a big part of the game which is navy, second is the heavy reliance on...
  17. kdaroks

    The Morale Debate

    If anything i could change about morale would be that during ww its turned off, apart from that yeah at the beginning of a server can be annoying but its not a disaster.
  18. kdaroks

    Save the game - deal with bots

    them sound like fighting words, ill smash you bot or no bot, you game bro cause i still have my account active and accommodate you
  19. kdaroks

    Save the game - deal with bots

    this sounds like when some one says who farted but really it was them all the time...:cool:
  20. kdaroks

    Pnp BN Have absolutely NO Class

    wheres the dirt on BN Kinda misleading was looking forward to some goss