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  1. Spectral Voices

    I am afraid that won't do. We will wait until Germany makes contact. We have plenty of free time suddenly in our hands... Don't know why!
  2. Spectral Voices

    Well said, you summed it up 100%. Since many other actions have gone done this route, why not raise a ticket and make your wish come true then.
  3. Spectral Voices

    Why would I or any of my team send anything to you? Are you part of Inno HQ?
  4. Spectral Voices

    We have started the process to make this matter looked into by Inno HQ in Germany itself. It would be the best outcome for us, if you can get Inno HQ in Germany get in touch with us if it is possible. But if this is not the done way, I do understand.
  5. Spectral Voices

    Good for you... So you plan to sim this world holding hands with rest of the coalition now or you plan to fight anyone else? If you are so mighty fighters then lets see a real fight between Musk vs Bees then. what do you say?
  6. Spectral Voices

    Yes we do have proof. We would love to share it with the world. However that would be against the rules. Unless you state otherwise. We will present it to the relevant members in due course.
  7. Spectral Voices

    I have asked my team to keep it within rules. Please if anything is posted that you feel is heated, can you just edit/remove that line. And ask the person to edit the content, and not take the whole thread way. Many thanks for your understanding.
  8. Spectral Voices

    What a day, and what an ending. Are we baffled? Yes we are. This was not the Golgi ending we anticipated. But do we regret the outcome? No! we don't. Would we like to state our reasons? Yes we do. But feel that many of our voices are silenced. So please let us use this thread and not derail...
  9. Pnp Truth vs Lies

    Nope posted what I had. You have more do post please. You should revisit my PnPs. They are all taken from externally posted comments from players. Not sold anyone, as to comments posted previous I have emailed players and asked for interviews. Yes you are angry, and I understand that. But I...
  10. Pnp Truth vs Lies

    You're welcome. Think you owe Jeff an apology. ;) How can he be a spy? When we was part of the convos between parties! But if you rather blame him for all this, that's your call.
  11. Pnp Truth vs Lies

    Whilst most of these convo's that's posted did not take place with me. However isn't it all to do with Grepolis? Any message we share, any conversation we do have can we used by any either party. I did ask Bloods for comments to get their side of the story. However no one replied back. Also...
  12. Announcement Bounty Hunter Competition

    Can I have some free gold for the best PnP maker role please?
  13. Pnp Truth vs Lies

    Grepo land saga Truth vs Lies One fine morning, ships were sailing, beers were flowing, people enjoying grepolis far too much..... NB camp was heading the league table with massacaring Musks With such popularity with having the most handsome; fittest and alpha male all under...
  14. The First real war of Golgi

    There is hope yet! Replace visiting a doctor with one of these fellas... go visit a herbalist, apothecary, snake oil salesmen, holistic practitioner, acupuncturist, aromatherapist, shaman..... Sorry Fig, you are my new best buddy. :)
  15. The First real war of Golgi

    Poop? Guess he has a new ign...
  16. The First real war of Golgi

    lol.... I've created a Pnp just for his role recently against griff....
  17. Pnp Tales of Two Cities

    City B:Disclaimer: The PnP you are about to read all characters and players are unknown or fictional characters, has no true likeness/resemblance to any player. The clips are all poorly staged for this production purposes only and would like you to believe that it's 100% fictional! One calm...
  18. Pnp Tales of Two Cities

    City A: Movie: Answers, reasons, and actions Cast Main Male Actor: GriffGriffin Main Actress: pagodaswan Villian (Gender cannot be confirmed): played for this movie only by Khan Pathan (someone must take the role!) Maffia cast aka Leadership (Gender various) Praehelios; Lilithka...
  19. Answers, reasons, and actions

    This is the first time, a mod has removed a image for size.... in one of my post. I am sure this server must be hitting near melt down to the massive number of posts in this forum, so you need to make sure images are exact size..... or you bored that there is nothing much to mod!?! If you...
  20. Answers, reasons, and actions

    Think this story should be turned into a PnP. Thinking of which I can make it into a 'Tales of two cities' actually!