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  1. 0ZZZ

    New Rules on spam???

    Current definition of spam: The more serious problem: A warning that does not define exactly How you broke a rule and how NOT to break the rule in the future is no warning by definition. The purpose of a warning is so you can adjust your future actions to remain within the rules. Right now...
  2. 0ZZZ

    Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    Strongly SUPPORT! Running a game successfully is not easy. Do the right thing for 2 years and your golden, but the first big mistake and you can lose it all. SOE and star wars galaxies is an excellent example, Vanguard and ever quest too. They were pros. They thought they were doing the...
  3. 0ZZZ

    Top 12

    Judges go to school for years. then spend decades as lawyers before they are appointed by elected officials to adjudicate laws that are clearly defined. Our founding fathers implemented juries because they knew not even that harsh of a vetting process would render justice. Grepo now has...
  4. 0ZZZ

    TKF's Power Rankings Edition Eight: The Bunnies Fall, Balkans & OCEANS VETERANS Rise, Clash of the Coalitions & Wonder Predictions!

    Black sails XIII, Black sails XXX, Black sails Bonkers, are owned by no one but me as are a few others. Any other claim is slander. We have had several contracts with several alliances and individuals. Contracts are made, completed, and expire. At contract termination your flag goes back to red...
  5. 0ZZZ

    Top 12 Top 12

    I have less posts than I have years playing this game. My grand pappy told me to avoid arguing with idiots, said you get better results punching them in the mouth. There is no top 12 on this server. There is a top 2. BLOODS Vs EVERY ONE ELSE*. I can't Blame ERIK and his lot for turning the...
  6. 0ZZZ

    Harboring Spammers or Just Cowards??

    My dearest mac- E. Coyote Your lack of understanding of the difference between other guerilla tactics and SPAM is concerning. If your lack of understanding persists I may be forced to school you on the difference. Here we are at server end and I do not see any one here crying about getting...
  7. 0ZZZ

    The Fall and Sack of Invicta

    1) "spam" Which definition of spam are you using? The useless one? "Any attack I do not like that is bad when other people do it but ok when I some times do it because (paste hypocritical excuse here)." Or the one that does not include almost every type of attack in the game depending on who...
  8. 0ZZZ

    Casual Settings

    This type of server was not a bad idea. I tip my hat to those crafty Germans ;) The purpose of the 20% is to keep the vultures off the little guys and bring a more casual atmosphere here. More skirmishes between small groups and individuals and less big opps between mega guilds. This relieves...
  9. 0ZZZ

    Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    Current definition of spam: (Based on what I have read so far, here and other threads) "Any attack I do not like that is bad when other people do it but ok when I some times do it because (paste hypocritical excuse here)." This definition is not only a non definition but not going to help, and...
  10. 0ZZZ

    Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    Going with the "Definition: Attacking and recalling attacks persistently with the purpose to annoy an enemy and desensitize them to their attack alarm." Putting mods in the position to judge any crime of intent is a bad idea. Judges that go to school for years and lawyer for another 20 just to...
  11. 0ZZZ

    Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    I liked the old version. It forced you to choose to feed the box or use your troops on the enemy. It had a store making the troops spent potentially worth it if you chose well. I figure a bunch of whiners complained about burning troops and the devs caved. This is how games take a down turn...
  12. 0ZZZ

    Mesembria News

    ROFLMAO. The Trump train has no breaks. I advise not to protest in front of it :D
  13. 0ZZZ

    Bans on WW islands?

    This is my first post. You are kidding me right? 1 city on an island with 20 other targets? 1 city can not be attacked. And because one player unintentionally violates the rules an entire alliance must give up its win in the name of honor. I am sorry but I missed the post where you showed...