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  1. Can log-in

    We can pretend we were on a date that day
  2. Cant log-in

    Talking about bad customer service from Inno.... I remember when they gave me a strike for apparently saying something rude to someone in a direct in-game message but Inno refused to disclose to me what message they gave me a strike for or who the message was sent to so I could stop messaging...
  3. Cant log-in

    Damn I was confused as I thought I had been banned from the server for no reason haha
  4. Top 12 Thread

    Lol I don't even plan on this server but this guy is 100% right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    lol just in case as your comment was above and didn't want it to seem like a subliminal
  6. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    If most people didn't ghost after losing a lot of cities like little pussies there will be more competition. (not directed at 1saaa just in general)
  7. Trash Talk Thread

    lol Confetti spam messaged like all the top 300 on Leontini inviting them to join Confetti on Side because they were making a 'fun alliance that doesn't care about losing cities or winning the server' but they folded after losing a few cities on Side. PATHETIC
  8. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    I don't know who that is over 18 and playing this game won't be able to afford $20 a month to spend on gold.
  9. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    Lol at all the people thinking that Inno Games reads this
  10. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    If i was a teacher i would definitely use this sentence to teach kids to use a capital 'I'
  11. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    If i was a teacher i would definitely use this sentence to teach kids what giving someone blue balls is
  12. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    I will pretend I didn't have to google to find out what 'antonym' means, but yh you are right that was a bit retarded for me to write XD Lol my alliance is the only alliance on Leonitini that promotes its players to colonize rocks. Also Virtualself you should do one of your newspaper things...
  13. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    Ok fair enough, no hard feelings I didn't have this info and from my point of view it looked a bit ironic. But I still think that you could have stayed and rebuilt, like look at my alliance Wildling Army. We are the worst alliance in top 10 full of simmers and casual players, we have lost most...
  14. Passed Make the world spherical

    but the earth is flat!
  15. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    You need to take some of the blame too as you were one of the players that gave up on Leontini to play on a new server rather than fight 110. Also you should be the last person complaining about hugging as your alliance merged with the Domination alliance which has merged with 10+ alliances on...
  16. Proposal Worlds without gold

    Yh I think the problem with your idea is that is that it will be too popular, all the top players will join that server meaning less income for Inno Also I feel there will be a need for gold buyers to prove themselves on the subscription servers so you will see them there too so even less...
  17. Proposal Icon That Tells You Who You Can Attack On Casual Servers

    I am proposing some kind of icon on top of players cities that tells you if you can attack them on Grepolis casual servers such as Naucratis so we don't have to check manually which players are in our point range and it will save us a lot of time. Don't really feel like this needs any more info...
  18. Domination Endgame Concept Feedback

    LOOOL Domination is so broken, some alliances are not fighting but just attacking themselves internally to get bps and then plan to colonize a bunch of 1k cities. So apparently 1k city is the same in power as 17.6k city? So, for example, holding Constantinople is the same as owning a garden...