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  1. trash talk

    Hands up if you spent most of Pharae kicking GH's leechy fireship trips out of your cities
  2. trash talk

    Your best bet would be to send us a link to your super catchy song so we all ruptured major organs laughing, then swoop on our cities.
  3. trash talk

    Well you were never gonna get it from Mac-9 Branches and #nohonournutz were ya
  4. trash talk

    Begging someone for a third hand crown, probably :cool:
  5. The Kelendris Times Issue II

    Yeah, but they have a SONG, so other alliances are inferior by default.
  6. trash talk

    If you want a full proofreading service, pay me...
  7. trash talk

  8. trash talk

    He won't. He never does. Just hides behind his internet anonymity. Zzzzzzz
  9. trash talk

    If you'd have gone in on Bloods in 45 right at the start instead of trying a beat down on an alliance a fraction of your size you might be looking at a potential win right now instead of getting bored to death by the Victrix/Bloods hugfest. Yet another spectacular misstep by #nohonournutz :cool:
  10. trash talk

    Send your mantis again, I dare ya ;)
  11. trash talk

    Chica, your scoreboard is broken. Those 'academies' and your Unsung Heroes guys count too. After all it's your def there as well. Bit of a weird role you've all decided to play being Bloods' backscratchers. I've never been fond of being second fiddle to a second fiddle alliance, but your...
  12. Trash Talk

    I try not to double post, but if I could give this a megalike I would. No doubt this chump will have a different username in future servers having wrecked his reputation in this one.
  13. Trash Talk

    Absolute lies. I've never met such a Walter Mitty character in all my time playing this game. You're a poor man's imitation of the much smarter guy who hissed in your ear and persuaded you to join his merry bunch of huggers. You complaining about half a dozen TF hitting you when you ran behind...
  14. Trash Talk

    Them staying in my city for the next 16 hours was pretty funny tbh. I guess technology can't do everything ;)
  15. trash talk

    Bloods are that alliance who like every single one of your girl's selfies, but when you add them and ask them how they're doing, suddenly forget how to speak :cool:
  16. trash talk

    You really weren't :cool:
  17. Trash Talk

    I'm sorry but if you consider your win on 114 to be the pinnacle of your glorious career then it's probably for the best that you call it a day and go and trash talk kids at your local Crazy Golf course. From conversations I've had with some of your team, not ghosting out of boredom deserves its...
  18. Trash Talk

    Please stay retired. The externals will be much the better for the absence of your painfully earnest overly verbose walls of text.
  19. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    The irony of Poopsta... - whoops - I mean nobodiespuppet - choosing an alliance name joking about a team which was there at the end of Side when he himself was not... pretty mindblowing tbh.
  20. Trash Talk

    Whoa there hoss. You want to slam a team who only plays revolt, but then as soon as your credentials are questioned, revert to "It's a CONQUEST thing. You wouldn't understand." Pipe down son.