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  1. themightyone2

    GFX Contest

    so you want to join the GFX contest but you need a team and you dont want to create one of your own. if you post here with your experience(if any) and any sigs you have done you will be put onto the list for people who want to join but need a team. then the leaders of a team can look through the...
  2. themightyone2

    Piranha 3d

    I can not believe that no one has started a thread on the next horrifying 3d movie that will soon come out!!! anyway is anyone planning on seeing Piranha in 3d once it comes out???I know i will be seeing it:)
  3. themightyone2

    Scary Movie 4

    has any one seen this comedy movie?? its realy funny yet disturbing there sre other movies like it to Scary Movie 1 2 3 and 4. My favorite one would be Scary Movie 4.The film opens as Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Phil wake up with their ankles chained in a bathroom with only two minutes to escape...