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  1. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Give it a go then mate!
  2. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    1 The Night's Watch Swim but maybe not Phelps 2 Hellenic Army Not much competition so swim I guess 3 The Virus Sink is there any need for a "sister alliance" already 4 Rebels Sink but you never know 5 HAVOC Swim actually looks alright 6 This Is A Mistake I like it swim 7 The Sickness See "The...
  3. Alliance Power Rankings 1-12.

    I heard InActive have a rule that you have to go yellow once a week and red once a month is this true?
  4. Hall of Shame

    Haha sinope
  5. We Right Here

    hi wanda how u going
  6. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I thought they were a basic MRA but if you look at their name you'll notice that they are actually a squad of professionals.
  7. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Here's top 15 swim
  8. Penguins

    I got the victim award in 2 worlds I know it's not 10k ABP but it's still something would it be ok if I join
  9. Pre World Lato Discussion Thread

    But I sleep 10 hours a night
  10. EN93 MRA Premade

    I'm only joining if you promise we will pact with everyone
  11. Name and Shame!

    how dare you i once spent 10k gold in days i deserve respect
  12. Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim

    You don't take cities you found them. Are you new or something???
  13. Sparta vs Hades Idiocy

    Put the attack buff on your cities and defend with offensive units that will make use of the buff such as LS and Slingers.
  14. Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim

    You don't conquer cities in revolt worlds though?? All you do is revolt them. If you conquer a city it's a CONQUEST world.
  15. Answered Colonising

    What if someone leaves birs in the empty city spot
  16. Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Top 12: 1 -> 12 = Gluteus Maximus
  17. Pnp The real fighters

    love it wish i could +rep
  18. Cry Room

    i think no one realizing that 100k gold is only 500$ lol and even the top spenders would have trouble using that much gold
  19. Speed 1 and Gold

    You're like Blaze or Tampaxpower lol You dont need huge BP early in the game, just enough that you can keep up individual city growth and city count. Also, an olympic is 24 hours to complete + it needs academy at 30. Out of 5 cities I can run 2 olympics every 24 hours. Do you really think its...
  20. Speed 1 and Gold

    Why are you not in the cry room?