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  1. To all the alliances in this world.

    Both Wikvaya and Anaba who have neighbouring cities in o44 and with spy reports showing both having stacked defence cities went into VM on 15/01 and left VM on 18/01. Both times very close to the other's and very close to the start and end times of the Mini-Op. Maybe it was just co-incidence but...
  2. To all the alliances in this world.

    Thank you for the corrections, they are very much appreciated. I am always willing to learn more each day.:)
  3. To all the alliances in this world.

    I understand that English may not be your primary language and that your comprehension of the said language may not be enough as to allow you to fully follow the meanings and inferrences of the written word, when not in your native language. I asked a question, hence the "?" at the end of the...
  4. To all the alliances in this world.

    And this is somehow different to getting your own players to send their Defence Forces and jump into VM for two days.??
  5. is penaldo a spy

    Quite right too. I mean that we cannot expect anyone who is rumoured to be a spy to come on here and confirm the rumour. Nor can we expect the alledged benifactors to do other than deny it either.
  6. is penaldo a spy

    So now we have proof that Penaldo is not a spy. A spy works in secret to provide information and assistance to an enemy. He is only doing what he can to help his friends and masters in The Syndicate. Therefore he cannot be a spy.
  7. Inactive Topic Change to Support in Sieges

    Good idea. With a possible option to "Retun all units in City" button which would provide a one click solution with maybe a Confirmation Message. This would also work for any city both in Conquest and Revolt worlds.
  8. Wish List another end game idea

    This is pretty similar to something I put forward earlier this year. Make the "End-game" an End of Game. We need a Victor and game finishes. Not "Lets all stay here and eventually we can get a crown too when everyone else has left.£
  9. is penaldo a spy

    Thing about rumours is that you do not need proof. As the saying goes "No smoke without fire." People will always believe what they want to believe whether it is true or not and if you want to spread dissent in the enemy just start a rumour. Some people will want to believe it whether it is...
  10. Pnp A few pointers ~Guide how to fight an Active Alliance

    Thank you for your thoughts on how to to really play this game. With a little more work it should go into the WIKI Guides. Advice given is just enough to have players and leaders still have to think about their game-play and leadership style.
  11. An Unexpected Occurrence

    Any excuse.....
  12. Wish List Changes to the End-game Scenario.

    From this remark I assume you have never recieved any awards appart from Quests and Special events. At present the Ruler of the World Award is given by grades for the number of city points you have created, starting at 1,000 pts Victor of the World is given when your alliance constructs 4...
  13. Possible change to End-game

    My idea, which has been posted in the IDEAS section of the FORUM for consideration, is really a tweak or ammendment to the present scenario. This should be a simple task for INNO to implement since it only adjusts how the Awards are given and can eventually provide a clear winning alliance. No...
  14. Possible change to End-game

    I agree with you BDG2 and although I did not start playing until HELLORUS EN56 the Age of Wonders has always brought the same complaints in each world. After Wonders have been built many leave since it seems pointless to continue, a few even leave because of "The age of Wonders", and either join...
  15. Spartan Showdown Discussion Thread

    Appologies to Baudin Toolan, Only winding you up. You are doing a great job amd we appreciate the effort you put into it.
  16. Spartan Showdown Discussion Thread

    Am I missing the point of all this? This is the International Server if players on other Servers wish to prove who is best then let them enter a World on this Server and prove it. The only way to prove who are the best players is for them to actually play against other players in a world. Think...
  17. Possible change to End-game

    At present when an World has less than 300 active players the world closes this proposal does not affect this rule. However at present when a world is "won" the world stays open, although most of the "active" players have left, untill the activity drops below 300. This GAME is GREPOLIS. "Come...
  18. Wish List Changes to the End-game Scenario.

    In this scenario, in order to win the two main Awards "MoW" and "RoW" the first 3 conditions would have to be met. How can "RoW" be awarded to an Alliance which at the time of gaining the Award is not controling the most cities? This shows a confusion between "MoW", the winners, and "RoW"...
  19. Wish List Changes to the End-game Scenario.

    Proposal: That the World Wonders End-game be changed to allow the game to have a winner and a proper World Ending. Reason: There is a general dissatisfction among players on all servers with the present WW scenario which although described as an end-game does not provide this. With...
  20. Possible change to End-game

    It would seem to me to be the simplest and most easily achievable solution for INNO. This idea would keep players interested in carrying on playing at WW stage because the game is not won untill the game is over. For INNO it has the benefit of not having to devise a "new" end of game scenatio...