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  1. killermarble

    Newspaper en76 issue 1

    News round Interviews Sweet Syn-A Flo5 Have you struggled to stay at the top of the alliance rankings? A little yes the leadership team here is a joke Are you at war with any alliances? if so list below , BB/BBII/New Spirit RELOADED and anyone in oc55 when the time comes Name 3 alliances...
  2. killermarble

    Newspaper for this server

    Do you guys think i should try do newspaper for this world i have a few friends who do it and i can give it a go if i am bad not to worry the server is very early ^_^ post your ideas below
  3. killermarble

    Killermarble - looking for an alliance

    Hey my name is killermarble (jake) yes i am in an alliance but nothing special 2-3 years experience I have been in top quality alliances met great people and looking to do it again in this world, fun,fighter and genuinely I enjoy this game , i know the rules,tactics , everything you...
  4. killermarble

    Top 5 alliances discussion

    Top 5 alliances. Which alliance has impressed you guys/lady's the most so far and reasons why. Which alliance has been below expectations and reasons why so far. Top 5 alliances discussion :Pro::rolleyes::):o:eek:
  5. killermarble

    Top 3 alliances.

    The ottomans The Power of Peace Hells Legion Out of the top 3 alliances which alliance do you think would stand the longest and why?.:Pro: I think hells legion yes they are still an MRA, but out of the top 3 they look the best and closer to each other, they are not in the most dangerous...
  6. killermarble

    Black Knights

    We are working hard and turning into a team and will fight for this world, we have fun and also have a lot of players from thebes, friends and new players come together to enjoy a good hard and long adventure :) :) :) any experienced players looking to join and based around oceans 45-35 message...