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  1. schorpioen22

    Wish List Idea for Hero Orpheus

    Proposal: To have a notification when Orpheus doubles you generated Culture Points. Reason: Currently you dont see anything if he doubles your culture points when running a festival or a victory parade untill you check your culture page. Details: When you start a Festival, Theater play...
  2. schorpioen22

    R.I.P. Zulu1111 aka Kurt

    Our good friend Zulu1111 aka Kurt passed away this morning Zulu1111 played with us since Katane and loved playing the game. He was a great team player and a great friend to many of us. We have changed our name out of respect for him, he will be missed as a player and as a friend. May...
  3. schorpioen22

    Congratulations to invictvs i

  4. schorpioen22

    Krypteia MASTERS of Gela

    Master of the World You have completed 7 of the 7 World Wonders! Krypteia has proven yet again that they are: Thank you to everyone who has played in this world enemy and ally alike this was an interesting world to say the least, i am honored...
  5. schorpioen22

    Fixed No more crown visible in other worlds and no way to view all awards in order

    Hello Don't know where to post this exactly but im posting it here: Just noticed that since the so called "update" to the latest version i don't see my crown i earned from Tau in any of my other worlds and i can't get my awards to be shown like they used to only the awards of the world itself...