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  1. Herpus Derpus

    Pnp A message from Triad

    When this world started, Triad made the claim it was 'the world v triad'. people laughed. people called us names. people said we were crazy, making things up, being self important. people lied. Today, we can safely say even an entire world wasn't enough. #suckitfools
  2. Herpus Derpus

    Newspaper The ZPR - Zancle Power Rankings!

    Hellow power ranking fans! We're back for another fun filled episode of 'who's got the largest hops!', also known as the now famous ZPR. In this weeks edition, we have all kinds of changes going on in the otherwise sleepy little world of Zancle. Seal Team One, one of the original alliances, has...
  3. Herpus Derpus

    They will come to dismay the first day of May...

    "The weak Ravens Republic are being crushed by Triad. They've lost 20 cities and taken 0." - Tavern Rumors A courier walked in, his face looking grim troubled by the news he must give "There is news from the West, some put us to test, and threaten the way that we live." The King furled his...
  4. Herpus Derpus

    Santa Army -What happened?

    One day, they are sitting high, with an impressive point per player. Next day, withering and dying. In less than a week.. Any insight into how such a collapse occurred?