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  1. Pete Dunham

    Im not done yet!

    "If you think this is a victory, you are mistaken. There's a huge difference between people not wanting to play with you and WINNING. If your leaders manage to make it to the end of this world, it's possible they'll get swords... but there is no victory. You can run all over pissing and...
  2. Pete Dunham


    any experienced fellas looking to join are most welcome. lets grow a bit, not too much, when first alliance is filled, we stop there, atleast for now. 5 days till fun starts, so guess its still preparation time, dont get left in the dark ;)
  3. Pete Dunham

    Anyone out there

    IS anybody even visiting this place :o folks what are your impressions of Nysa? I actually quite like it. although personally must admit not a fan of revolt worlds :P surprised the externals are so quiet being that the world is so "noisy" :) quite a few really strong alliances in game did...
  4. Pete Dunham

    NEW conquest

    When will some new conquest world come out? I am ready for some more action :D something similar to zhe settings of Lindos