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  1. Atticus X

    Inactive Topic Command Overview - Filter Lock

    Proposal: To allow players to lock a specific flter setting in place in the Command Overview. Have you Checked the 'Do not suggest list/previously suggested ideas' in the 'Archive': Yes Reason: It feels glitchy that every time I move away from the Command Overview or change active...
  2. Atticus X


    And down goes the server. The count begins as the Grepo community starts counting out Rhammus ...1....2.....3.....
  3. Atticus X

    Inactive Topic Idea - Bulwark

    Proposal: Add an enchantment/potion that can increase the level of the wall in a city. Reason: It is now a very valid strategy to build no walls in your city ,and with all of the current bonuses afforded to us by things like a 19 day Easter with Manticore nukes for free, I thought it would be...
  4. Atticus X

    Pnp The Crown...The Last Word...The Fond Farewells

    --- --- --- --- --- --- FIST BUMP ! --- --- --- The above was the final attack on the siege before the city became ours. Securing us the crown. It brings me great pleasure to know that your sole purpose remaining here was to prevent us from getting the crown, and you...
  5. Atticus X

    Hector Missing

    From the simulators + hero menu bar
  6. Atticus X

    Pnp It's a Funny Tale

    --- --- --- --- --- Siege ended with ~51,477 biremes in the harbor. A big thank you to all the players that helped out from different alliances, both today, and on Venom's attempt yesterday.
  7. Atticus X

    RUSE - World 80 Alliance

    --- "][/URL] --- --- ---
  8. Atticus X

    RUSE - World 80 Premade

    --- "][/URL] --- --- --- Check Back for details soon! P.S. - If you aren't familiar with me it is because I am a returning player. You can see some of my history in the thread below to get an idea of the type of alliance this will be, but suffice it to say I am here to have fun in the...
  9. Atticus X

    Beleophon Hero World Newbie Alliance

    Yes, I realize it should be a contradiction in terms, but it isn't when the hero world requirements are so low. So, Some of you already know me, for those that don't or are can make a judgement call based on player responses, or a little of your own research. Yeah I know, no...
  10. Atticus X

    Trading Resources 'Pin' missing

    what happened to the little 'pin it' buttn in the trading resources overview so i don;t have to keep adding my target city to the trade resources window slot?
  11. Atticus X

    Pnp R4GE - A Birds Eye View

    -- -- -- -- --
  12. Atticus X

    Use your time wisely

    So, I have a few positives to list about the update to 2.0 The Internal forums don't work most of the time, so when I post my big long rants about how much I hate this version of the game, it never gets read. Thus improving the opinion of 2.0 simply by proxy. I am sure a few titans can...
  13. Atticus X

    1st Hero World Premade - Order of Chaos

    - - - - - - - - -
  14. Atticus X

    No World Wonders in Xi

    Players of XI, I thought I would take a moment and point out something to all of you, please note: World Wonders Prerequisites The world must have been in existence for at least 6 months The sum of the top 50 alliances points must be at least 250 million If the world is not in the...
  15. Atticus X

    External Survey about 1.26 -> 2.0 worlds I thought it would be interesting to run an independant survey in regards to these questions, let's see what the members of the external forum audience feel . And then we can see if this polls results match Innogames.
  16. Atticus X

    Inactive Topic Mulitple Choice Polls

    Proposal: Polls are one of the great features of internal alliance forums, but they are currently very limited in their scope. I would like to add 2 features to thow they work. Muliple Choice questionaire polls, and multiple answer questions. Have you Checked the 'Do not suggest...
  17. Atticus X

    Time to Remember

    As Rememberance Day approaches be sure to take a minute and give thanks to whomever in your family history has given service to your country. It was 100 years ago that this poem first had significance, but it encompasses every day up to and after it as well. 11.11.11
  18. Atticus X

    Inactive Topic Internal Forum Tab Rights

    Proposal: This is a 2 part Idea. 1) Allow access to certain forum tabs by selecting the player for each tab as an option instead of just by 'internal forum rights' 2) Be able to select moderators for each internal forum tab to better control who alters a tabs contents and create a sense...
  19. Atticus X

    PnP History + Storyline

    Ok, Yes, I am bored, but I thought it would be fun to compile some of my older PnP's and see if anyone is still doing them, since on the worlds I play on the forums seem to be dead. this is intended for the Acropolis, to encourage dialogue, and get people excited about different aspects of...
  20. Atticus X

    Passed Spell Icon in trade window (premium)

    Proposal: I'd like to see little icon indicators that tell me what spells are active in my cities when I am in the trade screen similar to how it does it in the troops screen. (with premium) as I think this would be more useful. Have you Checked the 'Do not suggest list/previously suggested...