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  1. Phidippidies

    General Feedback: Events

    One of the more popular topics between all servers of Grepolis is the topic of events - we'd like to gather some general feedback on events that we can forward to the developers, as well as help us plan for ideas for future events or reshaping events.
  2. Phidippidies

    End Game Revamp

    This thread will be for discussion specific to a revamp of the end game. It's highly unlikely that we'll be able to push through an entire new end game, but if you have any ideas on how to tweak it in any way, you can share those ideas and respond to other players' ideas here.
  3. Phidippidies


    You can use this thread to post ideas/concerns that you have concerning the game. The following questions may help you form your post, and will help us determine priority and start discussions, etc. 1. What is your concern / idea? 2. Why/How do you think this will improve the game? 3. If you...
  4. Phidippidies

    Player Council: Weekly Update

    The EN Council Members Are: @Phidippidies ( @The Smilodon Fatalis ( @GothamSoldier ( @Bearissimus ( @kuriants You can reach us through pm, or through the emails listed. We ask that if you have a...
  5. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Tegea Times, Issue II

    it's a bit lackluster in comparison to the last issue, sorry all been a bit busy with moving these past two weeks ....and I may or may not have locked myself out of my apartment.
  6. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Tegea Times

    Alright - that's all for the first issue. Everything is up. or at least i'm too lazy to write any more.... As a disclaimer: The interviews were sent out before BP ending to give time for responses from leaders, and on top of that I got backed up and couldn't write for a little bit - so...
  7. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Kronos, Issue 2

    THE KRONOS Κρονος - Kronos, Chronos, Cronus - was the king of the titans and the god of time. This paper is the Time keeper of Kasmenai, and thus Kronos' Oracle of Kasmenai. WHAT YOU MISSED: Phi was gone. A long time. And now there's A new guy (MrPdwash). CURRENT STATS: No confirmed wars at...
  8. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Kronos Times

    THE KRONOS TIMES disclaimer: because of the new char limit, certain parts needed to be omitted. I apologize, bad timing. WHAT YOU MISSED: Guess who's back Back again Phi is back Tell a friend CURRENT STATS: No confirmed wars at this time. POTENTIAL UNCONFIRMED SCUFFLES: Grave Robbers: 2...
  9. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Kleos: Issue 2

    τηε κλέος Monday, July 7 2014 WHAT YOU'VE MISSED Phi was gone for a bit and a lot of things changed so HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: ZT and BoneHeadz VS The World. That just about sums it up. ON THIS ISSUE: Stats Interviews What Do You Think? Message From Anonymous & (unofficial) Coalition...
  10. Phidippidies

    Newspaper The Kleos: Issue 1

    τηε κλέος Friday, March 28, 2014 WHAT YOU'VE MISSED Wreckless had members split into both Zero Tolerance and Transient Drifters and the Drifters absorbed Phoenix Rising into their alliance. Revolution has started to absorb Hermonassa Federation and Phi is really bad at contacting alliances...