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  1. geko4740

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Love it!!
  2. geko4740

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    XTCMAX, I have seen a many of your photos and I have to say-- they look amazing. I was wondering if you still do artwork? I'll put in a request regardless. Type: Sig Size: Maximum Theme: Underwater Text 1: babymario333 Text 2: Marathon / Naxos font: nothing specific, but i would like...
  3. geko4740

    You're Banned ! (Game)

    Banned for a dumb avvy and siggy
  4. geko4740

    Intermediate Alliance COA Greco-roman style

    epic troll
  5. geko4740

    Advanced DevilImpStudios Signature Shop!

    type of Image: Both Size: standard sizes (avvy 180 x 240) sig (forget) Theme: Dark, skulls, old, detailed Stock: Render: Text 1: geko4740 Text 2: Doomsday Extras: in case the theme words i gave you were... not understandable - dark: make it... dark. skulls: not like the cartoon...
  6. geko4740

    geko4740's Graphic Art and Special Effects

    Ill start tomorrow morning, may I ask what world this one is for?
  7. geko4740

    100 Gold server block ?

    well, according to some people in my alliance, they still have 4400 gold collected from all worlds' advent and quests... for their sake i hope they dont take it away
  8. geko4740

    geko4740's Graphic Art and Special Effects

    Tarrent, here is your COA. If you want or need anything changed, please ask. However it might have to wait because i will be afk frrom dec. 26 - jan 1
  9. geko4740

    New Layout Feedback Thread

    like it but inno wants money. Don't think it will happen...
  10. geko4740

    New Layout Feedback Thread

    looks nice... but what's this big surprise???
  11. geko4740

    The Death of Grepolis

    no thats a terrible idea - then the whole game would close. They need to just release a new world once every other month and it would be fine. in 6 weeks players have built up their cities to a point where they are ready to build a second city, and after that well then you're hooked.
  12. geko4740

    geko4740's Graphic Art and Special Effects

    Lol yes Rage but i need the format. unless of course, it's the same pic just re-sized.
  13. geko4740

    geko4740's Graphic Art and Special Effects

    Ok I know i know these shops of mine come and go - but this time im going to try to stick with it. Christmas break is coming up and i have a free period in school to work on these projects. As far as my formatting goes, its rather simple. Theme: Size: Coa/Siggy: Deadline: Text line 1...
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    Trollin peoples rep

  15. geko4740

    Pre World Farsala Discussion Thread

    Ummm this is way too early for a new world... I understand this was a business need but seriously?
  16. geko4740

    Milestones It's mah bwerfdeh

    Worst birthday ever. Epsilon closed just 2 days before. :/
  17. geko4740

    Important Epsilon - The end of this chapter

    I'm mad at the committee that decided that the worlds should all become 2.0... If he was on it, then I'm mad at him. If not, I apologize for my out lashing.
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    You kill yourself cuz u get bored and don't have enough money to get back I wish for nothing, as I have everything
  19. geko4740

    911 What's Your Emergency?

    Umm... 911 I think I forgot to do my homework. Do you remember what it was?
  20. geko4740

    As Epsilon Ends....

    Maybe the worst, but proud of it :) you're the worst, in spirit