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  1. swordsman31

    Pnp Noobs of the Day - Myself and Palehorse24 - BN Struggling with Rank 32 Alliance?

    I was getting bored in this server, originally I was here to gold farm but then I decided it was too boring and I decided that I needed some attention. So then, why not attack the no.1 alliance in this server? So long story short, I landed a CS on Palehorse24 with the help of my mighty...
  2. swordsman31

    Noob of the Day

    Post all your noob attacks, fails, and any other funny things that may have happened. :D I'll start things off, nominating ARMA NERO-QUE as noobs of the day
  3. swordsman31

    bolted farm

    Guys say you have a level 40 farm, but 0 pop. If someone bolts your farm, will the pop go negative?
  4. swordsman31

    Epic Battle Reports

    Post here your epic funny battle reports, prefarably from this world, but if not, ah well :D I'll start us off:
  5. swordsman31

    Epic Battle Reports

    Guys time for some epic, funny and nooby battle reports. Make us laugh, it doesn't necessarily have to be from this world but if it is, all the better :p
  6. swordsman31

    Confirmed Alliance forum on the phone app

    When I go on to the alliance forums on the new phone app, it does not let me scroll down to see all the tabs. That is how it is on one of my worlds, when I go on to another world and try the alliance forum, is has 'grepoflex' as the title and it doesn't have any tabs. I often have to resort to...
  7. swordsman31

    Phalanx and Batttering Ram affecting myths

    Hi guys, I have a question thats pondering me. Does Phalanx affect myths such as medusas and mants? And does Battering Ram affect hydras? thanks Sword
  8. swordsman31

    lighting bolt that hits the farm

    I was just wondering, what happens if your city has for example a level 20 farm and no population(you have used all the population building troops). what happens if zeus' lighting bolt hits the farm? Does your pop go minus or something?
  9. swordsman31

    Not a Bug Awards

    In the world Athens I got the ruler of the oceans award top 5, but in other worlds like Delos and Lindos It only shows that I got the ruler of the ocean top 30 award in Athens. At first I thought that it would need like 48hrs or something for it to load but more than 10 days has past without it...