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  1. ishabh verma

    H.E vs Skiis

    you must be joking , we already have control of those ocean we never though that noobs are still around :P and O45 belongs to TB
  2. ishabh verma

    H.E vs Skiis

    Anyone still around ? poor skiis are still trying to get their crown :P
  3. ishabh verma

    Improvements XI

    Founder/Moderation Activity Log will only be used by the leader but Inbox Search Bar can be used by everyone i voted for the 2nd
  4. ishabh verma

    Inactive Topic design your own alliance flag

    i have simple idea , there can be place to design banner in-game in this manner players will not be able to make offensive banners.... for this players will be provided with different shapes/design to make their own banner i have just started programming and according to me this will be best for...
  5. ishabh verma

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliance Thread

    what is happening now days in byzantium ? are TS still trying to take tomb and colossus of rhodes ? according to Hall of Fame no one has got the crown and player stats says that there is still some fighting going on
  6. ishabh verma

    Announcement [Ithaca] Congratulations to the alliance The Basterds

    No one wants to fight skiis :P we will take them as internals lol
  7. ishabh verma

    Newspaper Extra Mortal Basters

    i was on a month VM that is why i do not posted here and i was active in 3 worlds at that time and yes i am a kid becuase i am under 18 ! do you all wanna loose a battle to a kid
  8. ishabh verma

    Newspaper Extra Mortal Basters

    hello everyone , i will like to invite experienced any active players to my alliance "Extra Mortal Basterds" , i do not want to get in top within a day(so i don't want to invite players blindly) , i want my alliance to be strong and well managed ! so check out my alliance my in-game name is...
  9. ishabh verma

    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    i agree ! those setting are just perfect !
  10. ishabh verma

    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss all the setting suit me !!!!! i will be there :D
  11. ishabh verma

    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    i want morale to be activated because it will force to fight players of similar size and not feed on players less that 1/4 of our size
  12. ishabh verma

    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    World speed : 2 Unit Speed : 2 Morale Activated Alliance cap 30 ! Revolt if these are there then i will join
  13. ishabh verma

    Looking for an alliance? Join The Unicorns!

    All i can say is that your alliance is completely in-active lol :supermad: i conquered two 12k cities of your alliance with 1 slinger nuke lol
  14. ishabh verma

    World Byzantium(en26) - Question about Culture Points

    what will happen to my city festival/olympics/victory parades if i loose that city in which they are held suppose i organize a city festival in my city "A" then someone conquer that city before festival ends will i gain a cp or not ?
  15. ishabh verma

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliance Thread

    Westpoint and Westpoint Warriors are loosing cities fast !!!!!!!!!! they are constantly loosing cities to Dustland and The Syndicate
  16. ishabh verma

    How good is your Pack?

    yes we will not be at all affected by WP even if WP decided to stay in the game then according to me we will going to destroy them soon there nothing left for WP in this world
  17. ishabh verma

    Pre World Delos Discussion Thread

    here is mine world speed : 2 Unit Speed : 3 Alliance cap : 50 Beginner Protection : 2 days !!! Revolt Morale Not Activated