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  1. bowzer

    Next Revolt world

    Anyone fancy next revolt world ? i get the feeling it will be revolt just hoping for no morale. Rest doesnt matter really. Looking to see if any old faces fancy it, tried conquest again HATED it, so back to revolt for me lets see if we can get a team together, im sure theres plenty of old...
  2. bowzer

    New world monday....woo hoo

    OK perfect settings for me and some of my grepo buds...... Cant be bothered telling you all, ive done and ive done that... you either know me or you dont i guess Looking for names i know rather than new ones,..... Anyone out there ? pandosia here we come
  3. bowzer

    Discussion world wonders why not the end ?

    OK im a little confused didnt know where to post so posted here... I played beta a lloooong time ago before world wonders when 80,000 players played in the servers. We cried out for an end game as ww were not around then. The game went on and on with no chance of any alliance winning due to...
  4. bowzer

    A new World

    So peeps, as paros draws to a close a new dawn will start, where possible enemys can become friends where a new great team can rebuild together... Anyone fancy a new start ?
  5. bowzer

    Confirmed Very annoying city doesnt change

    Is anyone else having this problem. As i scroll through one of my groups of cities. ( happens to be ls group, immaterial ) everytime i click right to go to the next city it doesn't change. The city changes but the resource and city name dont. I have to refresh the page or reload grep everytim...
  6. bowzer

    New beginnings

    Well after an extended break i have decided to come back into grepo world. I played beta for 3 years and when 2.0 came simply just quit with over 150 cities. I was number 1 attacker by over 100,000 points and had redneck women not lived at her pc would of been number 1 player for longer...
  7. bowzer

    Old faces

    Hello people, along time ago you may know i quit this game and passed my account on, but for some reason I keep getting drawn back to this forum to see whats happening in grep world and how things have changed........ SOme people i miss, some have gone, some still there... but my forum...
  8. bowzer

    War It is

    The mighty phen would like all alliances to know that we have declared war against the xmortis rebels....... Enough is enough we will not be bullied by terrorists.... We are not playing FARMVILLE ! This is war, your puny farmers shall feel steal, your flimsy boats shall be sunk, your...