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  1. kdaroks

    Missing Heroes

    A little disapointed that on this server we have missed out on the benefits of democritus, with ww around the corner now it just shows an incompetence from inno to have features and not use them...end rant
  2. kdaroks

    Competition Who will be our MODERATOR?

    So who is the lucky so and so who will keep us in check? suggestions
  3. kdaroks

    En 82 name-Tripolis?

    So just wondering the thoughts of the next server name, I came up with Tripolis or Tripoli, how do grepo create the names anyway? P.s the settings should be world speed 3 unit speed 4 conq don't care for the rest:P
  4. kdaroks

    Top 12 Alliance Bashing And Veiws

    So guys an girls, got bored of the sink/swim thread so here we have a thread for all the juicy stuff yeah, I'll get the ball rolling and say that venomimumuinmiomniuom is going to sink:D
  5. kdaroks

    Newspaper Congrats 2 booms

    Hey guy good work on the 4 ww , im big enough and ugly enough to be humble in defeat. (SW) hope you want the crown fellas, that means you finally need to fight like men huh, cya in o45 if so :)
  6. kdaroks

    Who Is The Most

    Who is the most OCD player in cythera? I nominate lylu for his well organised ls nukes, will get screenshot shortly :) 10 identical attacks all withing 1 minute of each other, that's just awesome And come on forum goers and chalna, lets liven up these semi dead forums.
  7. kdaroks

    Maps & Caps

    More and more you notice Grepolis has gone wild in terms of how a map grows into shape, with a large portion of people always going s/e or n/e, map after map for a few generations now is always heavily populated. Server capping, I seen a post from Tyrone Black recently that made me think...
  8. kdaroks

    Milestones Still Recruiting

    Why on earth would hate merge with another alliance at this stage, lol'd hard before at you guys, but OMG you guys are a talent pool of noobs :Pro:
  9. kdaroks

    Fixed iphone-app

    So my my app just opens to a screen where i have to found a city. app has been updated and then just is frozen on this window note for foes, im on my laptop(SW)
  10. kdaroks

    Is the ww race fair for all?

    All over the external forums you will see threads where folk complain left and right about nearly every aspect of the era. What i have had on my mind for a while now, is the standard set amount of resources needed for an upgrade, fair for all ? If you use modern day taxation as a guide, every...
  11. kdaroks

    3 Way Thebes ~ War for the core

    Conquers for the past 14 days 7 A Team vs Lacking Sanity 4 1 A Team vs Syndicate Of Destruction 0 2 A Team vs Depraved Tendencies 0 0 A Team vs BOOM 0 2 A Team vs Malediction 0 (SW)(SW)(SW) 2 BOOM vs Lacking Sanity 4 1 BOOM vs Syndicate Of Destruction 1 0 BOOM vs...
  12. kdaroks

    Inactive Topic Add the ship icons for recalling troops

    Proposal: I would like to see the transports shown when recalling troops Reason: Hate doing the math Details: Employ the same icons as when sending attack/support Visual Aids: As above Balance/Abuse Prevention: meh :):):)
  13. kdaroks

    LUCK....Is it really random

    After all the years playing grepolis, i find it hard to believe the luck factor is random. More and more i notice the shocking luck i get across all servers, and this one being the worst, maybe we could get a 50/50 result somehow. :Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro:
  14. kdaroks

    Show of your wall

    Well guys and gals show the community your glorious walls:)
  15. kdaroks

    Tutorial Quests

    So i really don't understand why we have some quests ahead of others, does anyone know if the layout was designed by players or some evil person who just wants to annoy me. :rolleyes:
  16. kdaroks

    Advanced Need a sig

    Hi all, Im not sure how this works so here goes, i would love for a sig with the theme of a wookie wearing a spartans helmet with the background being the artists choice. Here is a wookie in case you don't know thank you.
  17. kdaroks

    Who loves this server?

    I do :)
  18. kdaroks

    Attacking your own conquest

    Hi guys, earlier i made a boo boo and sent defense troops as an attack instead of support on a town i have in siege, the problem is my troops all died even tho its my conquest. So the question is have things changed recently or was this some sort of bug? :( Edit; the intended support troops...
  19. kdaroks

    Triads in total control/Not fair gamers

    :)Well i thought it only right to start this for a laugh. :Pro:
  20. kdaroks

    New alliance ~ BROTERS FOREVER

    New alliance ~ BROTHERS FOREVER Hi all, We are a new alliance located in o45,o46,o55. Happy st patties day