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  1. firkirk

    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Sorry, I care about it
  2. firkirk


    firkirk retired from now One more Erik, "try friend with mods" you may forgot put this matter Im Play PS4 now, much have fun, COD Black OPS multiplyer online, or Blacklight Retribution wanna join Ranga...:eek: Still have 8k gold in my account, who want it..? rather Inno take my gold forever:Pro:
  3. firkirk

    Spectral Voices

    Bye Bye Grepo
  4. firkirk

    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    I bet, Lili never or less sleep since the past 3 days till now
  5. firkirk

    ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    #RoyalMancunian Name : 8/10, Unique Name Past Experience: 7/10 Good Points: 6/10 I believe he will on top ranking later since he just join 23 March Alliance: 9/10 My Alliance too ABP: 7/10 ranking 297 just play for 2 week DBP: 7/10 ranking 311 Just play for weeek Awesome Battle point for 2...
  6. firkirk

    The First real war of Golgi

    lol Tea.... Im poor gold....just focus at en90 to grab But Im trying take the city in Golgi, I have some question, why Dave is returning my Support ...twice I was confuse, why he keep returning.. but after my Friend RoyalMancunian was told me like this.. Hey bro..why you send Birs to...
  7. firkirk

    Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Are U Jokes flyby..? 26 Indie city revolted with my single 1 city make me crazy my command overview, remember that 2016.01.05, check yourself b4 call someone or an alliance a full Noobs
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    LOL, Praa, I thought you had forgotten his moment
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    Inactive Topic Stone Hail Change (Hero Worlds)

    yea....good idea DT..
  10. firkirk

    Wars guys never left me 1 city for me....Im gonna fight him on last week, its claimed by me on last week...infact he runaway on last week..he back when I was hit vm this is announce special event for me in our ppl, but he
  11. firkirk


    Hey Chillu Tell me which rule cancel attack its prohibitted, so dont say its as annoying grepo player, if yes, than ask Inno to remove that feature.. Can you do that...? I think All player knows about cancel attack, and I knew from 5 years ago, so whatever you say Im Noob, You Just know it from...
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    Still say so good after lost your city to EN....Dont talk bull to everyone
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  14. firkirk

    When does the Gold Run out EN?

    Lol, you can trade your resourches for gold, it would make it you for less deep pocket
  15. firkirk

    Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

    sign me, I win in Rho world never using Gold, but now a bit using..
  16. firkirk

    All Time Best Alliance : Community Choice Awards

    Im born from EN and now back for EN
  17. firkirk

    Eviction Notice and Occupy go to Court!

    Damn, I Miss the Party....
  18. firkirk

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Amonjerro, yea, Im in EN maybe we are MRA, <Mass Reduction Alliance>
  19. firkirk

    Newspaper coming up soon

    oh, any job vacancy in newspaper..??
  20. firkirk

    Top 12 Rise or Die

    At least ever win, building 7 WW in spot under 1 month in Grepolis record history How about you Australian ..??