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  1. Mr Muay-Thai

    Important Competition Time

    The Comp Hi there folks, This is a nice and simple competition to see who in World Apollonia (en66) is a budding politician and can write the best PnP! You will have 7 days to put together the best PnP that you can. See here for what a PnP is. An example...
  2. Mr Muay-Thai

    Important Competition Time

    Ok posters as you may have noticed every other thread in the active forums are getting competitions. So in my kind and caring style I want to give you all the opportunity to PM me if you are interested in even participating if I run a comp. The only requirement is that you actively play...
  3. Mr Muay-Thai

    The report game

    So as the title says lets see some good attack reports :) A simple screenshot will do. Who has the force to back up their game ;)
  4. Mr Muay-Thai

    Announcement Your new tyrant

    Greetings minions, For those who don't know I am Mr Muay-Thai (Swarren). I will be taking over as your new moderator. I have no problem with banter and arguments relating to Grepolis... I even allow a small amount of spam (yes i'm so kind) So keep the forum active or I will haunt you...
  5. Mr Muay-Thai

    Announcement Name that Pixel Competition Winner

    Firstly thank you all for playing the game and keeping some activity in the forum. It is nice to see. It was a close one and it even made it to deadlock but there was only one winner. So without further delay.. Congratulations C4R105
  6. Mr Muay-Thai

    City specialisation.

    So we all have the argument about which is better, a 13k city or a 9.5k specialised city. I you & why? Do you build a 330 LS nuke or 360 bir nuke?...if not why? I would like to hear reasoning about which is better in your opinion & why?.
  7. Mr Muay-Thai

    Important Name that Pixel Competition

    Welcome to the Name that Pixel competition! In this Game, I will post various images of from an average Grepo screen, and you will guess what they are. Whoever guesses correct first, gets 1 point. At the end of the competition, whoever has the most points wins. The prize will be a...
  8. Mr Muay-Thai

    Not a Bug City names changing.

    So I logged into Gela today and two of my cities re-named themselves the same name. It was normal when I logged in y-day but not today. The names are being doubled by "city A" now has 2 copies "city A1" ect..
  9. Mr Muay-Thai

    The Report Game

    So to propose some more activity and get the debate juices flowing lets see who can post the best battle reports. No need to show attacking forces just what you defeat. Lets see who backs up their smack with the attack :Pro: Keep it civil though :D
  10. Mr Muay-Thai

    Announcement Your new Mod

    Hello forum goers, I am your new Mod. I have no problem with topical banter and as long as posts are in good taste while staying within the Rules. Short and sweet. Any questions just ask :) SW
  11. Mr Muay-Thai

    Attacker of the day

    Just a question I was wondering...Is the attacker of the day award based on the number of units or the farm space of those units?
  12. Mr Muay-Thai

    Guide CS navy sniping using Anchors.

    GUIDES CS Sniping With Anchors~swarren102 conquest version Ok so as we all know the easiest way to defend from an incoming CS is to stack your city with both Biremes and DLU. But it is not the best and most productive way as it costs alot of resources to do. So instead I will be showing you...
  13. Mr Muay-Thai

    Pnp That "Masterful" Spam Monster

    Hello new friends of sestos :) Now I am not new to this game but a friend of mine from another server jturk invited me, my wife and some other people over to this server to join his alliance Grecian Bloc. All seemed well in the world until i looked at the forums.. Yes that's right there was...
  14. Mr Muay-Thai

    Sign in trouble

    I can't sign into Thebes or Sestos...anyone else having the problem? No problem signing into Gela or Idalium.
  15. Mr Muay-Thai

    Shared connection interaction period

    Are my eyes deceiving me or has inno done the opposite of what the players ask for and increased the time 2 players that share a connection can interact with the same player?
  16. Mr Muay-Thai

    Fixed Island quest tokens not showing on published reports

    World: Idalium In Game Name: swarren102 Have check the known bugs list: Yes Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes Have you tried a different computer/laptop/tablet/phone: Yes - the same also happens on a friend's account. Have you tried a different connection: Yes Full Version or...
  17. Mr Muay-Thai

    Discussion Vacation Mode

    Why is there no way to cancel VM after it is activated? Should there be a way to cancel it within 24 hours after activating it? Recently i had computer trouble so activated VM but typically i fixed the problem 5 hours after and badaa now i'm stuck in limbo and can't attack due to this...
  18. Mr Muay-Thai

    Martial arts or sporting interests

    So what does everyone do when not on Grepolis? (i know that leaves very little time :D) I design websites and program/build computers. I myself am a Muay Thai man. 2 consecutive province championships and second in the country the same years. Looking to get 1st in the country and go European...
  19. Mr Muay-Thai

    Gold abuse

    I know inno relies on premium as funding but is it really fair when a player can grow a wall from 0-19 in a couple of hours and build a medium sized army in the same how can the rest of us compete? i use gold but maybe some sort of limitation needs to be brought in?
  20. Mr Muay-Thai

    Pnp Night Fall's guide to grepolis

    Welcome friends to Night Fall's guide to grepolis Now this guide will teach you how to defend yourself and take over enemy cities in the cruel world of Grepolis. I will walk you through each step of attacking and defending techniques taught by the mighty alliance Night Fall. If you follow these...