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  1. sacmaster211

    Psi Milestones V4

    If this can please be stickyed I will takeover the milestones. Psi Milestones Player Milestones Polis' 2 Towns: 1st - Age of Enlightenment 2nd- Benja81 3rd- xzodd3x 5 Towns: 1st - Age of Enlightenment 2nd- The Dazed Knight 3rd- Benja81 10 Towns: 1st - Age of Enlightenment 2nd- Gomodo 3rd-...
  2. sacmaster211

    Final Salute to Confederacy

    Well I'm preparing to hit the dissolve button on what was once one of the greatest tribes in Xi. Many of you will say yeah but CS/CK has been gone for a long while but I figured this deserved one last salute to the many that made it Great.
  3. sacmaster211

    Salute to the Fallen

    Friends retired in peace VeeraReddyr DavieK Antonis the Brilliant Hads joe1984 TommyKnight Marius Ember Flah Rj95324 AnheloScienta It is time I joined this list. Playing this world with this many cities has become more of a choir than fun anymore. I would like to salute The Jinn and...
  4. sacmaster211

    The Snapping Turtle

    Hey all some of you may know me from Zeta,Mu (for a time), or Xi. I've been playing grepolis for 16 months now and I've been called a turtle in almost every world I've played :D. Although in every world I play, I have had a higher ABP ranking than my points ranking (of course I do as well have a...