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  1. Amethia

    Hall of Fame bug in Rho

    On the Rho Hall of Fame, it says that many alliances have completed all 7 wonders and so far, only Eviction Notice has completed all 7 wonders. There are about 7, 8 alliances listed there. Is this a bug?
  2. Amethia

    Grepolis Moderators and Administrators?

    Why is the countdown for world closing starting even though there are more than 300 people? :Angry:
  3. Amethia

    Report Deletion

    When you cast a large amount of spells, you get a lot of reports. When I deleted the reports by page, the game became unresponsive. After that, everything you clicked was a blank screen and flashing with "response error".
  4. Amethia

    Top 12 New Alliances

    1. TCC HARPOON 2. OWL The United Nations 3. Evolution 4. The Hounds of Hades 5. B.I.A. 6. TRT Excalibur 7. TRT Home Guard 8. Viva La Resistance 9. Virus 10. Heroes of Death 11. BARBARIANS 12. Outer Haven