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  1. destroxxi

    Where is my magical mod at baudy!!!!

    Who's modding this forum. I demand the enchantress herself .magick.!!!!!!!
  2. destroxxi

    Moment of Remembrance

    For Old and New Grepo Players I would like to take a moment to remember for an old school player of Grepolis. Steve Johnson, in many alliances over the years, as most know he was fighting cancer for the last couple years, and unfortunately the fight was finished this past Monday. Steve you will...
  3. destroxxi

    Map Alliance Colors

    Alliance colors are only changing for a select few of members visible on the map on screen and not changing the colors of the alliances outside of what is in view on the browser. I believe this is a bug as I have had others telling me the same thing occurring... It also does it for individual...
  4. destroxxi


    New Thread it is civil and I just want to see. Who all is Retiring from grep after Golgi? I am actually thinking about going to play with prateek on a new game.
  5. destroxxi

    My Tribute to a young Fig. Enjoyment for the masses. When fig was a small tree.