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  1. Purple Hornet

    Newspaper Where's it at?

    I always enjoy reading the newspaper for worlds but we need somebody to do it so who wants to step up?
  2. Purple Hornet

    Pnp Thank you Slingers United

    I would like to thank Slingers United for the 5 supports incoming to a city I have a CS in. I guess this shows you maybe you should have an experienced player leading the alliance and not a noob :)
  3. Purple Hornet

    Inactive Topic Option of giving troops to a recent conquer

    Proposal: To have the option of giving some of your troops to a city you just conquered. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes nothing exactly like this. Reason:It is annoying to waste resources on...
  4. Purple Hornet

    Alliance Power Rankings

    Just rank alliances based on power instead of points.
  5. Purple Hornet

    Eclipse? A real alliance?

    So when I started Eclipse with my buddies Quell Thalas and Aiolis, the alliance started out pretty good... Progressed a lot. After Quell Thalas left founder another founder spot was given to hman...Well after a month things started happening... Fighting in the council. Out breaks, demands of...
  6. Purple Hornet


    Guys what happened to TN??? Merge or something? I know they were hear this morning...
  7. Purple Hornet

    Top 10 Power Rankings

    You guys know how this works.. I'll list what I think in the morning..
  8. Purple Hornet

    Ally Disband War

    Just making the forum more interesting :) The Roman Republic,SPLATT,Pin Drop Violence
  9. Purple Hornet

    Ocean Rulers

    This is for who controls a ocean or who will control a ocean... The Roman Republic will probably take 44 from SPLATT... Southern alliance is way to spread out this early in the game. Underworld will get 45. Irish War Wolves will get 54. Any other that matter?
  10. Purple Hornet

    The Republic

    The Republic will be a Pre-made alliance joining this world. The Republic was originally founded in Theta with the leader Strico10 and Uber Lord. I served under Ajax there for 3 months and it was a pretty good alliance :) The alliance was passed on into EN35 and now EN37. If you wanna join...
  11. Purple Hornet

    Top Alliances.

    Just a topic to comment on top alliances: 1)-Project Core-: Big alliance. Good timing. 2)Global Domination: A merger of alliances... Popped up and war armageddon, took in a lot of there players. Declared war against Imperium. 3)Varvaroi: Destrong Imperial. 4)VoJ: Up in the North-West corner...