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  1. BluePips

    Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

    CC - your own founder admitted that LoTR does not play with cheats, out of respect for your leader I assume he has not seen you've taken in Needle yet. I suspect once he is aware that that is the second account needle will be removed. If not - I honestly expected more of you. Perhaps I was wrong...
  2. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    Rumor has it LOTR don't have the number 1 player anymore...
  3. BluePips

    Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest

    agreed - sign me up
  4. BluePips

    Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

    Pip smash?
  5. BluePips

    Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

    by that standard LoTR should have stopped a long time ago? how many cities is it now across their meat shield alliances? - ignoring the one's they've kicked (Lol!)
  6. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    Rumor has it that Phoenix MRA players can't build cities properly when they attack your city and learn the hard way...
  7. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    Hey Mol, if they aren't relevant, how about me? I look forward to seeing you down the line - perhaps you should look at the roster before you determine what's relevant and what isn't :)
  8. BluePips

    Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

    Try clicking the ocean alliance button then explain to me how O65 is squinting? Is you blind bud?
  9. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    you guys compare stats? lol
  10. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    would love one, pm me it bud
  11. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    Good to see you again bud, what's the lay of the land like? looking at what world to drop into
  12. BluePips

    Rumor has it....

    Rumour has it - Pips lands soon :)
  13. BluePips

    Hunting Jerms

    lol, it's my account for US as a piss take mate, I'm sure you can appreciate the humour
  14. BluePips

    RimMeUp Need I say any more? Aftermath of shafting a friend. ghost his account, ignore him, delete everyone and move to the rim? Well... at least someone took Exit's title of Most hated.
  15. BluePips

    Pnp Hert takes 8th WW !

    good attempt from Enigma, there were a few close calls, but it's the difference in leadership that shows the true difference when it comes to wonders, Enigma lost this battle, but they lost trying, Ryan why do you think a lvl 9 WW isn't worth anything? I beg to differ, a lvl 9 wonder is the last...
  16. BluePips

    count to 1000

    266 sky :Pro:
  17. BluePips

    World Wonder Race

    hows the attacks on you m8 what you did to ancient was wrong. :cool:
  18. BluePips

    what happen 2 joining Iota

    :cool: its open again, and you can invite again :D