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  1. supafletch

    Hello hello

    It's gotta have been at least 12 months since I last set eyes on a world in this game, much changed ? Worth having another dabble ? Any decent players still going strong ?
  2. supafletch

    Pnp Thanks panda pops
  3. supafletch

    Pnp Hard-core Snipes

    Let's see your top snipes...... make me jealous.
  4. supafletch

    Best & Worst

    Best Alliance Worst alliance Best leader Worst leader Best player Worst player Top attacker Biggest nOOb Top defender Most selfish So on and so forth...... You get the jist
  5. supafletch

    Pnp Panda pops Shadow

    I was going to write some mass PnP, make it all magical and take you through a journey however I got 3 letters into the first work and realised I was only interested in the pictures. To be honest its a long time waiting this public outing, the might Pandas battling it against 280... makes for a...
  6. supafletch

    Pnp Missing persons

    Missing: 1 x Pretend politician (TSF) & 1 x Fake Marine (Head*Hunter) If found please return to the .US Server. It's essential they are returned with thier Noobness intact. Warning: Please approach them with extreme caution though as the BS gets real with them and they often find it...
  7. supafletch

    Mod applications

    Dear forum admin and CoMa. Is it possible you could filter through the applications you have for people applying to be a Mod (not me) before firing out a mass mail asking for more to apply. Leaving someone in limbo for 3 months giving them the excuse you've been too busy is absolutely not an...
  8. supafletch

    Active world and 7 days without post

    Bye bye Carphi Forum, was nice whilst people cared. 7 days have passed without post, we knew it wouldn't last !
  9. supafletch

    Inactive Topic Starting booster super premium

    Proposal: To be able to use existing gold purchased to further purchase the Starting Boost Super Premium Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Nothing seen Reason: If ive just spent £59.99 to purchase 20,000 Gold i dont then want to have to spend another £14.99 to purchase...
  10. supafletch

    Trash Talk

    Get your smacktalk fix here and keep it out of the other places, you know the drill.... commence trash talk!
  11. supafletch

    Pnp Gotta love nOOb death threats

    Not your typical sort of macho PnP guys (apologies) but more of a PnP to highlight to the nOObs amongst you that threats are just funny. Share your death threats with me. Ill start: Seems someone with brains from their ally caught wind of this post and was kind enough to send me a PM:
  12. supafletch

    Pnp Infectious

    Infectious So it gets bad when you have the standard Ally names like VVV, Black Knights, Spartans ETC ETC But when someone copies an entire profile (incl the profile picture) then that's desperate, wants to know what I mean: Check out Infectious both in this world and also the original...
  13. supafletch


    What is with this forum, I've seen dead bodies more active than this. Where's Jabba when you need him, he knew how to stir things up. :heh:
  14. supafletch

    Bad gateway

    Anybody else experiencing this, I have deleted my cache, cookies and history.