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  1. Abigaill Tomsen

    Proposal Restructuring Grepolympia top participation awards.

    Proposal: Restructure Grepolympia top participation award based on Grepolympia participation. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Briefly, too many archived threads :( Reason: To make top players participation...
  2. Abigaill Tomsen

    Proposal Abandon your own cities

    Proposal: Being able to abandon cities you own. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Briefly, too many archived threads :( Reason: To be able to free up CL or to move from an unwanted area. Details: How many...
  3. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Senate level vs build times

    The Senate description is the higher the senate level, the more quickly the construction is done. So I conked a tiny city (~600 points) and feeding it resources from my other nearby cities so I haven't leveled up the timber camp or quarry. The timber camp is at level 5 and for level 6 is 6...
  4. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Myrmidon attack

    Myrmidon attack - the description says in part: During the next 12 hours hour land units will inflict 10% more damage in their attacks, but are 10% weaker in defense. Regarding "10% weaker in defense" ... are just the units native to that city suffer that effect, or all units supporting the...
  5. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Divine Selection

    Description: Your mythical units attack and defend strength are increased by 10%. Question: Do the myths need to come from the city that has Divine selection researched? Example: City A has Divine Selection researched, City B does not. Both are my cities. If I send myths from City B to support...
  6. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Beginner Protection Question

    OK, so while a player is under BP, you can't attack, cast spells or spy on the city. Someone please explain why you can support it? What's the point of supporting a city that can't be attacked? OK, so perhaps support is in place when BP ends? What I see instead are players hiding their troops...
  7. Abigaill Tomsen

    Gratz to MGGA Victor of Pegasae

    Just wanted to say gratz to you guys for being the victor of the world. Others in the world made fun of you guys calling you MRRA but the speed you finished the WW's shows me you guys know how to pull it together and get the job done.
  8. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Conquering a city question on revolt world

    I know that you can revolt a city from any city you have conquest researched in and send the CS from a different town of yours. The question is does the town sending the CS need to have conquest researched?
  9. Abigaill Tomsen

    WW contribution window focus bug

    If you have the WW contribution window open, you will notice it periodically refreshes itself with updated numbers. The problem is if you have either a PM or forum window open as well and you are typing when the WW contribution window refreshes, the window focus will also change and you find...
  10. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Defending a WW city while player is on VM

    I'm pretty sure I read a changelog somewhere that said cities on World Wonder islands can be attacked if the player is on VM. What I don't recall reading is if you can send support to a city on a Wonder Island if the player is on VM. Anyone?
  11. Abigaill Tomsen

    Naming bug for one of the World Wonders

    One of the World Wonders - The Tomb of King Mausolus II at Halicarnassus - is not consistently named throughout the game. In real life, 'The Tomb of King Mausolus II at Halicarnassus' is sometimes referred to as 'The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus'. However in the game it is listed as 'The Tomb of...
  12. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Losing city on WW island

    I understand what happens when an enemy takes a city located on a WW construction site From the Wiki: "Should an alliance lose control of one or more cities on an island with a Wonder under construction, the current level on which the Wonder is being built will be lost. For example: If Alliance...
  13. Abigaill Tomsen

    Proposal City Protection needs a name change

    When I think of City "Protection", I think it's a spell that will protect my city from bad things. If I cast it on myself, it should protect me from other player's negative spells. It should not prevent me from casting good spells on my city, but it does. Likewise, if another player casts City...
  14. Abigaill Tomsen

    World Wonders resource trading

    It's been a few years since I played in a world during the WW era. Back then only the cities that were on the island with the wonder construction could trade resources directly to the wonder construction. All other players had to trade resources to the cities on the island and they would forward...
  15. Abigaill Tomsen

    Not a Bug Children of the Gods Island Quest

    On EN100 - this quest asked for xx number of troops as support. The troop window said the troops would return when their task was completed. In fact, they did not return until I accepted the reward. I was looking all over for those troops. I didn't recall announcing shore leave :)
  16. Abigaill Tomsen

    Answered Fighting order

    In a conquest world, if you send both LS and Biremes with your CS landing party, do the LS and Biremes take turns fighting, all together or is it random? The answer I'l like to hear is The LS would fight first and if defeated then the Biremes. I know you don't want to fight with Biremes, but I'm...
  17. Abigaill Tomsen

    Inactive Topic Ban alliance members from using the alliance forum

    Proposal: To grant or deny players from using the alliance forum at all. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? No, considering the are 37 pages of active suggestions :( Reason: Occasionally you get a disruptive...
  18. Abigaill Tomsen

    2012 Advent Gift List

    Is there a thread someone can post the link to where the contents of each day's gifts are listed? There are a few prior day gifts I want, but i don't want to spend 50 gold randomly trying to guess where they were. TY!
  19. Abigaill Tomsen

    New toolbar disappears in 'expanded view'

    If you click the magnifying glass in the mini-map in the upper left to expand your view, the new toolbar on the bottom of the screen disappears. However if you use (Ctrl) + or - it doesn't Browser is Chrome
  20. Abigaill Tomsen

    Inactive Topic Improvement - In-game forum changes

    Proposal Anyone that has used this forum software (vBulletin) as either moderator or admin knows the limitations of the in-game alliance forum. Specifically multiple levels of authorizations. Reason In most forum software, posts and threads can either be "soft" deleted, or "hard" deleted. Soft...