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  1. bowzer

    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    mate its along time now since we played beta and that huge world....yet for some reason we still hang principles still the same, just smaller... :)
  2. bowzer

    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    me is the best, everyone knows that lol..... or is it ive been around the longest now.....hmmmmm.... Im even mentioned on the first page of this really old thread how sad is that
  3. bowzer

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    romans now of the shortest wars ive ever been involved in...
  4. bowzer

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    come on debone lets see your top 12 :)
  5. bowzer

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    AS thecrussader said to floren, "whats it like been in the worst MRA ive ever seen"..... IM FINALLY IN A MRA taken me years to do that woo hoo and jooser love the effort mate, big thumbs up
  6. bowzer

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Well done, although what i will say say is rich and spoiled are not part of the poor group....And today it looks like they have sunk....
  7. bowzer

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Well i thought id log into the forum and read the top 12...... there isnt one !!! just usual trash folk that arnt even in this world geeze, anyway back to the game..... these forums used to be fun :)
  8. bowzer

    Top 10 Alliances

    evil melinoe Shout out to JungleBear good to see you around, maybe its the wrong bear because there are so many, but yeah, TINAD days were good! Also, I like the sass Buzz Kill ;). wrong bear i think :)
  9. bowzer

    Pre-World Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    ye i might jump in mate, not sure whose still around these days but why the hell not, ive had a 6 month(ish) break now lol you fancying it ?
  10. bowzer

    Pre-World Amphipolis Discussion Thread

    cornetto you playing ?
  11. bowzer

    Get to Know Your Fellow Leontini Forumers

    Im bowzer and ive been playing wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo long but always nice to see new folk joining and playing :)
  12. bowzer

    Domination world Alliance Thermopylae

    lol made me chuckle this
  13. bowzer

    Confetti - Premade for Domination

  14. bowzer

    Sparta Vs Hades Feedback Thread

    be gentle matt :) your such a bully :)
  15. bowzer

    Pre-World Leontini Discussion Thread

    and can you not 1k spy bomb me this time please
  16. bowzer

    Pre-World Leontini Discussion Thread

    looks interesting this one :)
  17. bowzer

    The Merge Concept

    mergers generally fail for one simply reason. why do they want to merge in the first place ? lack of activity or getting beaten badly.... you wouldnt want to merge if you were doing well. Folk think it will bring more strength... it may look it in stats but they will change quick anyway just my...
  18. bowzer

    hows the game working nowadays?

    ive played along time.......since alpha days and the update to win not sure on that one. A team of dedicated players can still have good battles and fun without mass gold spending, all depends who you join in with i guess. Game worlds are very low population wise, same old faces and a...
  19. bowzer

    Best Team Ever Assembled?

    The best team ive ever played against has to be the syndicate....yes there were organized and some amazing players but no more than other teams ive seen, that can be built over a server. The gold usage was astronomical ( not by all in ts ) but a team of great players with some very heavy gold...
  20. bowzer

    ha ha ha tricks are 4 kids

    some are still hovering...... who knows