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  1. Baldarse

    Answers, reasons, and actions

    I think the issue is the players attitude to the situation and needlessly wasting alliance troops in the process. The least you can do is name and shame the player :D
  2. Baldarse

    That Moment You Realise You're Alliance is wholly an Academy

    I'm sure all the guys that lost out on a crown in Sinope because of you, think the same everytime you post on here too :D
  3. Baldarse

    Golgi Trash Talk

    IMO the fact that the Muskateers leadership picked Erik's biggest "boo boy" to take up the convo, shows a deliberate attempt to derail the talks.
  4. Baldarse

    Speed 1 and Gold

    Speed 1 definately doesnt have the depth of skilled players as on speed 2 servers.
  5. Baldarse

    To all the alliances in this world.

    You can dress it up any way you want. The fact is you came here saying you would play the server with 0 politics, now you have gone against that, no amount of gold can change that. Don't get me wrong, your a great team and it would have been a hell of an achievement to do it. But I think that...
  6. Baldarse

    To all the alliances in this world.

    Ps you only had to hold out for 2 weeks, and server is yours once most people quit for a faster server.
  7. Baldarse

    To all the alliances in this world.

    Come on let's not paper over the cracks here, you said you would play this world with no pacts/NAPS/ everyone red, and you have now gone back on your word. The lack of activity recently here on the externals, and your current choice of tone, only goes to show me just how rocked you where by...
  8. Baldarse

    To all the alliances in this world.

    Mungus let's let everyone be clear on a few facts here. You started this thread offering to take on the whole server with 0 pacts or NAP's. Next Chili writes a long and boring post telling the world to start a coalition against TS. Then your wish is granted and after the 1st ops, a mini-ops...
  9. Baldarse

    To all the alliances in this world.

    Time to edit this to "dont bother to get nap or pact unless your The Brotherhood" :D
  10. Baldarse

    Discussion Senate

    Also I think you can only demolish with a level of at least 15 from memory? So can't demolish further.
  11. Baldarse

    Fishing Club

    My back would definitely agree with you! :D
  12. Baldarse

    Fishing Club

    Right this one is a bit long, but is a beast and is my pb carp! It had been a barmy hot weekend in early June and the fishing was hard, no fish had been out all weekend and i arrived Saturday lunchtime to start my session. I had been putting some bait into a swim that allows you to fish to the...
  13. Baldarse

    Noob of the Day

    Or ls without transports, done that a few times :D
  14. Baldarse

    is penaldo a spy

    I remember Tasas in Eubea, he was indeed one of the best attackers, but it turned out when he was oped that he did not build walls or towers, and had no dlu! He ghosted after losing a load of cities and I when took over another account soon after.
  15. Baldarse

    Fishing Club

    It's not a water i fish that often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year with a mate, but i have seen a beast of a mirror carp crash in there a few times, that is top of my hit list, and i know where he lives, next time i go i will target that area and see how i get on. Anyone else got any fishy...
  16. Baldarse

    Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    It's rich coming from Chad, every other post from him a personal attack on someone.
  17. Baldarse

    Pnp E-R-I-K Errrik

    It's actually pretty good, nice work.
  18. Baldarse

    Pnp Leolis the fighter.

    Are you guys for real?! Show some bloody respect! The guys gone through arguably the worst thing that can happen to someone, and you feel the need to constantly remind him of that time, for what? To gain a petty advantage on the externals. Hang your head in shame and think before you post...
  19. Baldarse

    Pnp Leolis the fighter.

    Since when does honor come into play, when dealing with bullyish commands. The minute you start making threats like that, all honor is thrown out the window.
  20. Baldarse

    Happy holidays

    Merry Xmas everyone :)