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  1. Ki-Borg


    ahhh, Sinope has gone into history last night ...
  2. Ki-Borg

    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    common Tea, write one overview, but please try to be short , ha,ha,ha..
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    Great touch

    sad .... RIP "Tara BoomBoom" ...
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    The retirement of a spy

    I hope you are happy now? This is exactly how some players are destroying this game and making many others to leave ...
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    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    hmmm, I have no clue how I come on the list of big talkers ? But never mind, at the end of my journey in "Emporium" I can only congratulate "The Syndicate" guys for being best team here and very likely they will win "double" crown.. Really guys you are great team and managed to stay active (as...
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    Announcement Finally, someone to hold the ban hammer.

    Hello there and good luck with your new job :)
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    Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    Yes you are right, alliance that I founded (together with 2 friends) reached more than 320 players , probably something that you can only dream, Leolis .. But since your intelligence is obviously so low that you cannot realize any positive thing in my (or any other) posts, I'll "start new...
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    Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    You are right Chad, many players are forgetting that this is PC game,not place to insult others and cure their RL complexes... Lets get over with this propaganda, Sinope now is part of Grepo history..
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    Pnp Le Happy Inno

    nice one !!!
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    Happy holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !l! :D
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    Who is decent?

    Hello to you too Leo.. There are few friends that I cannot "abandon", he, he, he.. Unfortunately my RL obligations don't leave me much time for Grepo, but this world probably will be very interesting and I try not to "miss the party"..
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    Who is decent?

    Obviously Mungus succeed to make pretty awesome alliance “The Syndicate “: best Holly players (from Sinope) + legendary players like Billy200 and balrog1968 (“old” TS) = RESPECT
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    Pre-World Emporion [EN88] Discussion Thread

    I think Chilli now is your turn to invite some of them in your team... After all, few of them make huge contribution to your victory of 7 WW's crown ... :):):) Lets have more fun in this server, good luck to all that are joining..
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    you are right Tillerland, i think things went too far on "insulting" themes..
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    ooooppsss... I really like this one !!! Thank you physopathic for being sincere ! :) My respect for this ! If we play in "enemy" teams it does't need to disrespect ,or even more, to insult each other !!! In the threat for best player of Sinope from 7 mentioned players from my side, 4 were my...
  16. Ki-Borg

    Top-5 of Sinope

    My respect goes to : 1) Plohish31 - best all around player 2) WildNisa - awesome job in building 5 WW's 3) TheServant - best alliance leader, succeed to maintain active team, leading his alliance to 7 WW's Crown 4) Erik - too bad he had huge problem(s) in RL, I'm sure server would look very...
  17. Ki-Borg

    Sinope WW

    We are here, thank you very much for your concern... Let the best team won this race.! Good luck to all ...
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    The Leadership of Alpha Et Omega

    For sure we will stand until the end of this server .. Thanks Archon … and then you ghosted Jeremy? What are you telling now to your “friends” that were following you? We want straight fight, no spies, lies, propaganda and spamming forums.. In Byzantium (En26) after several months heavy...
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    Congratulations Stirlo, you prove that I was wrong whole my life.. I thought that small slimy worms cannot talk and write...