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  1. decimel

    Grepolis Roadmap 2014 Discussion Thread

    That is a great idea! Simple but brilliant.
  2. decimel

    Grepolis Roadmap 2014 Discussion Thread

    I scrolled down the sub titles looking for something similar to = NEW! Beating Cheats ........................ and there was nothing.............!!!! I have seen so many great teammates leave this game because of the cheating that goes on. Nothing worse than playing for over a year and then...
  3. decimel

    What is wrong with Marathon?

    How many times were you and other leaders of your alliance banned Polski85??? And why don't you own up and say why you and others were banned. I know because you and another banned player admitted in a PM you sent to me at the time. I have pity for all the players that worked hard for over a...
  4. decimel

    Guide Grepolis Guide Library

    Any guides on getting a profile picture up?
  5. decimel

    Halloween 2013 Discussion Thread

    Hate to be a ..... noob and ask a question about recipes of disaster..... cauldron. Has anyone tried Ambrosia x 3? What is the result? There must be some reason Ambrosia is expensive to buy and hard to get from quests. Although I have 5!
  6. decimel

    Halloween 2013 Discussion Thread

    Perhaps you should try and get a survey up on the one that is sent out to all players - "Do you support the idea of having some worlds were Premium Gold cannot be used". Of course - best to raise it on these forums first and get a bit of backing for it. Although I can see resistance from the...
  7. decimel

    Halloween Recipies

    Sorry- my terrible calculations - 4 hoplites per hour for 9 hours = 36. Or perhaps it was a typo?
  8. decimel

    Halloween Recipies

    Centaur Hooves, Underworld Grass, Pegasus Feathers, = 56 Hoplites
  9. decimel

    Halloween Event Videocast Discussion

    Feathers, Underworld grass and Hooves = 56 Hoplites
  10. decimel

    Halloween 2013 Discussion Thread

    I agree with Dwarfthis. Would it not be better to have the Pumpkin hunt - I was looking forward to that. And an option to buy pumpkins if you do not have the time or to put the effort into finding the pumpkins?
  11. decimel

    World Wonders - Top Tips from the veterans

    Many thanks Ice Dragon. Your answer has helped a lot. Please post down anything else you might think will help. And that's an invite for any of you veterans out there - that have been through the WW era.
  12. decimel

    World Wonders - Top Tips from the veterans

    Is there no one out there that has been through the World Wonder era and want to share their experience, advice? Is there anywhere in the forum I can read up on the subject?
  13. decimel

    World Wonders - Top Tips from the veterans

    :heh: Is there any players that have been through the World Wonder era that can offer advice and top tips? Aside from the 'blurb' on the islands I cannot find any discussion/guides on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  14. decimel

    Marathon Wars!

    Please don't forget the other alliances that were/are hammering them from the other directions. I think we all did well to reduce a once overwhelming enemy to rubble. I'm enjoying picking up the high point cities. And some stubbornly refuse to go quietly - so still enough fun and BPs if...
  15. decimel

    Why Dread weapons HAVE WON marathon over Death fiber/Death fibers/S.O.D I,II,III etc

    Yes, and I agree. Its surprising how events changed when the alliances came together to defeat Dread Weapons and Raise Your Rats. And now DW and RYR are not functioning the world has opened up to many possibilities. And its very interesting when you step back and look at the world. Experienced...
  16. decimel

    Musings on Moneyball and Grepolis

    I have no problems with MRAs - in fact I respect leaders of them. Leaders need to have a lot of patience for new players. It takes a lot more time, effort and orgainising than a pre-made alliance with fully experienced players. And players that bad mouth MRAs should try setting up an...
  17. decimel

    My Story of the Biggest Fail Ever

    Just testing a spoiler:
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    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Has the beginning of a world been so close in points? Apologies for the poor quality of posting. Rank Name Points Members Cities Avg. points per member Avg. points per city 1 Premium Gold ...79,645 40 40 1,991 1,991 2 PakkaPunch ......75,075 40 40...
  19. decimel

    Sister Alliances

    There is not much difference on organising say - 'Squads' to team up players in nearby vicinities and brother/sister alliances to team up in Oceans. What's the problem with that?
  20. decimel

    Musings on Moneyball and Grepolis

    He's still playing on Marathon. Leading Spartans of Darkness. Probably too busy to come onto the forum.