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  1. Mr Muay-Thai

    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    A top 12...what is this madness
  2. Mr Muay-Thai

    Who will help feed Pushty?

    Poor pushy
  3. Mr Muay-Thai

    Am I turning into a spammer?

  4. Mr Muay-Thai

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Interesting server....
  5. Mr Muay-Thai


    I didn't realise you ever got the hang of the game....
  6. Mr Muay-Thai

    Congrats Dark Wolves

    Not likely.... Cheers....busy busy
  7. Mr Muay-Thai

    What have I missed?

    A wild swarren appears.....
  8. Mr Muay-Thai

    Q&A For All!

    She might if you didn't have a big donkey... Hehawww
  9. Mr Muay-Thai

    Congrats Dark Wolves

    Nicely done lads....sorry I didn't see it out.
  10. Mr Muay-Thai


    Tom you have a way with words :D
  11. Mr Muay-Thai

    Top 12 Alliances

    Nice top 12 Hooli So many home truths about some of the top 12 alliances but I will be nice...
  12. Mr Muay-Thai

    Alliance Stories.

    It will be fun alright. What would be really be interesting if dw joined the same server as project venom.
  13. Mr Muay-Thai

    Important Competition Time

    Come on people who's interested?
  14. Mr Muay-Thai

    Important Competition Time

    With no entries it seems that this is canceled.
  15. Mr Muay-Thai

    Alliance Stories.

    To be honest fella all points made by pawn are indeed correct. I know first hand as I was part of the deciding along with pawn and talen. You seem to focus on the negative but we played a very smart game and the result speak for themselves.
  16. Mr Muay-Thai

    Bye Folks

    Poor tom, sorry to see you go although not surprised. Give em hell.
  17. Mr Muay-Thai

    Current War Scores

    You bring so much to conversations...Go you. On another note out of all cities left why have DW not internalised my WW city? :D
  18. Mr Muay-Thai

    Open Daily Quickfire Debates!

    Why is it the governments money? When we work we pay income tax's ect. But for what? To pay for road maintenance? no road tax pays for that. For medical care? no insurance pays for that. For electricity? No we pay an electrical company for that. So really when you pay the likes of income tax...
  19. Mr Muay-Thai

    Open Daily Quickfire Debates!

    In the case where someone is in danger or it affects the health of that person then yes I agree with squeals...ugh I mean "whistleblowers" In cases such as tax fraud or compensation fraud no I would not agree for the simple fact that corporation's/Government deserve to pay out for the treatment...