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  1. Calamack

    Answered Is the Time Shown for arrival on attacks/supports an estimate or exact?

    So I took a couple years break since the last time I played, and even longer since the last time I played very seriously. Just today I was trying to snipe a CS and the game informed me that my support would arrive at 20:18:33 (my window was 30 seconds to 35 seconds to hit it), when I double...
  2. Calamack


    Heyyyy, I've played this game on and off for, well, quite awhile now. If there is anyone who played in Iota and was part of The Brotherhood who's around rn hmu I'd love to play with y'all in a future world. If you don't remember me I was part of the leadership before a mix up with an account...
  3. Calamack

    Insert Catchy Name Here

    Hey, decided to found my own alliance "Insert Catchy Name Here" based in 044. Message me in-game Calamack. Have experience as a leader of The Brotherhood (now Phenomenon) in Iota, and I'm a council member with my alliance Shadow Guards in Heraklion.
  4. Calamack


    The great exodus from DoB has occurred: We are going to give the alliance Shadow Guards a try.
  5. Calamack


    Post sreenshots of your wall overviews if you want, I want to see how everyone's doing.
  6. Calamack

    Vox Populi

    Founder: Andy Thorpe Co-Leader: MaDDoG-SA (my in-game account) We are a quickly growing alliance in Ocean 54. If you want to join contact Andy Thorpe or myself ingame, or myself on the forums. We currently have 12 members and are looking to expand.
  7. Calamack

    Civil War makes the game more interesting

    If Evo split between original Legion and Athenians and the others it would be an even battle I'd say, a war enjoyed by all on the server, a chance for others to rise. Just an idea.
  8. Calamack


    Well I'm leaving Upsilon with the fall of Nexus, by the way to The Golden Age... I WAS A SPY, I didn't do much and now that I'm leaving I can reassure you that there are no other spies in your alliance, you deserved a rat in your alliance for leaving. YEA THAT'S RIGHT, I'M SO BADASS LIKE TC0...
  9. Calamack

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob ~2

    I can't believe that the old one died out, it was my favorite, so I am bringing it back Same Rules
  10. Calamack

    Band Fame or Lame

    Post a great band, artist, or song and the person next posts fame or lame. AFI
  11. Calamack

    Ocean Predictions

    The competitions for dominance of each Core Ocean will start soon. The 2nd most competed looks like 55 for the future with 3 apparently evenly matched alliances at the top. 45 will probably have the least competition unless The Knights of Crusade Team up with The Grand Zodiac against...
  12. Calamack

    Dragonball Z

    If anyone has watched this series then you know how good it is. If you haven't then has all of the episodes. There are 320something I think (I'm on 183). This is a thread started to honor the greatest show ever created. Watch it, it's really good. Main Characters: Goku Piccolo...
  13. Calamack

    Poll Nominations-Best Avatar on Iota

    There has already been a siggy one so let's do an Avatar (for those who don't know it's the pic bellow your name on every post) poll. Need two nominations to move on. I nominate aaxc to start it off.
  14. Calamack

    Have You Seen My Camel?

    I can't find my Camel! Have You Seen My Camel? Please! Help us look for our camel!! We'll be searching in World Phi For our Camel so join us in our search! There is a reward of dominating Phi if you find our Camel. Members from forum: MaDDoG-SA(my in-game name) alphabeta13 EdwardicusIII Mind...
  15. Calamack

    If you want to play with me

    Since I can't play in Iota anymore I'm starting a pre-made alliance for world Phi called Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Any old members of The Brotherhood have priority to join and anyone one else who misses me can join as well. I love all of the people on Iota, there is no other world like it. We...
  16. Calamack

    Top 12 alliance discussion

    1. Evolution.-great alliance, great people, but with a coalition out to get them I'd say that they don't have another year to live. 2. The Doity Dozen-Seem like a strong, experienced alliance but I don't like there leaders myself and I don't like them. 3. Evolution..-Good but Evo.. have...
  17. Calamack

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!!! Have a good time and get high on sugar instead of Pot today!
  18. Calamack

    Alliance Fame or Lame

    Someone posts there alliance and the world it's in at the end of their post and the next poster rates it as Fame or Lame. (if your in multiple worlds then pick one) The Brotherhood ELITE(LOTA)
  19. Calamack


    If you come across anything ingame that makes you wonder about the intelligence of computer gamers or just makes you laugh out loud then post it here. read bottom to top: laki67 today at 12:59 AM Single player. But there is no need. I have to give up. MaDDoG-SA today at 12:41 AM Not...
  20. Calamack


    Well this is the alliance I joined when I disbanded The Brotherhood Legacy. I became co-founder and I'm here too ask people if they want to join a strong Ocean 64 alliance. Contact me(MaDDoG-SA) or spireus in-game.