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  1. darkpsyd


    Well, this is a first for me having to come here to recruit. I'm kick starting the name D.N. which won world sigma. I'm a player/leader from that team, so I think I'm allowed to carry on the name even though the World has closed without hurting sentiments. Anyway, I'm looking for...
  2. darkpsyd

    Halloween Sigma

    Saw the changes made in-game and thought a lil bit of fun would be good for these awesome Sigma forums. Uploaded some god pics... they sure made 'em look Athena Uploaded with"] Uploaded with[/URL] Hera Uploaded with"] Uploaded with...
  3. darkpsyd

    ARKITNAY looking to merge

    Hi Folks, I don't want to admit it but I have to. We're (ARKITNAY) looking to merge into a strong standing alliance in o55. We (had 11) have 10 players and with that ranked as 8th (now 9th) in o55 so that would suggest good growth and activeness. I also ensured picking players who had decent...