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  1. Evil MeIinoe

    Milestones Swim/Sink - En94 - Returning Series, MeI Rambles

    SECTION 1 Greetings everyone, after a long break I return to provide yous with my Sink/Swim series, just like I did in en94 if anyone remembers. Stick around, have a nice cuppa and enjoy the read. For those who don’t know me, I will discuss the top 10, provide my opinions, predictions, facts...
  2. Evil MeIinoe

    Amisos Predictions Chapter 1

    Hey everyone, In this threat I will provide you guys with a series of predictions on which alliances will Swim/Float/Sink (TOP 8) and, I'll provide you with my personal reasons behind it. This is purely based on my own opinion so please keep the hate messages out and put your point across in a...
  3. Evil MeIinoe

    Slap, in en101

    Hey all, Hope you're having a nice evening/morning :P After a little thought process, I decided to reactivate Slap in en101. For those who don't remember the settings, it's a world speed 1 and it's a revolt world. Some of you might remember us from en96, but it looks like it'll be a new...