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    Post your wall

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    Stop the flipping of cities whilst in revolt

    To me, this sounds like a player that is tired of sour grapes and trying to stop a tactic that is being used against him. It is annoying when it happens to you but you do have the same option of using Helen to avoid losing your cities. If this passes, I guess the next thing that will be put out...
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    Sink or swim profiles

    I agree about the flag and told him we would talk about/change later so that's partially on me. as for the theme song, the version I want to use of it, I can't as I am not trying to get us banned for the explicit lyrics lol. but I found a different link to the clean version and updated it...
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    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Well, I am crazy, thus the reason for the alliance name, but even some of the crazies have a genius plan, or attempt at a plan. As our alliance profile says about me, "There's a fine line between genius and insanity and I play jump rope with that SOB" It was planned to an extent but honestly...
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    Bethlem Asylum - Premade for Leontini (New Domination World)

    We are officially open. Anybody consider themselves in need of a stay in the asylum, feel free to drop a message in the game.
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    Bethlem Asylum - Premade for Leontini (New Domination World)

    The Asylum will be opening tomorrow, Friday September 21st. There's still time to get in before we go in. Message me (The Phoenyx in EN108) or Rubilax to get in
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    Pre-World Leontini Discussion Thread

    Anybody still looking for a premade to join with, as my comment above says, Bethlem Asylum still has beds available for check in. Message Rubilax or myself (The Phoenyx in EN108) for more info.
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    Pre-World Leontini Discussion Thread

    Bethlem Asylum still has spots available
  9. tennbrew

    Pre-World Leontini Discussion Thread

    Definitely a few premades going in with some more trying to get set up. a few have been posted in the Pre Mades section here. If you are crazy enough and looking to fight, myself (The Phoenyx) and Rubilax are setting one up right now called "Bethlem Asylum" and looking for players to join...
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    Pre-World Istros Discussion Thread

    I will play here. Looking for an alliance, if anybody wants an extra person.
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    Newspaper The Tegea Times, Issue II

    #2: "I don't care what I just stepped in. Do you see what's coming at me right now?:
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    Pending Where are my soldiers?

    Check your Agora. That should tell you where your soldiers are, when you click on the "Outside" tab there.
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    Answered Will a sent CS land on Red Revolt phase if vacation mode has been activated?

    If you have launched the CS, it will land, just like it would any other takeover attempt. The only problem may be if the city is not cleared when the CS lands, as usual, since you will not be able to send another attack after you hit VM
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    Not a Bug I can't conquor citys!!!

    Yes, you have to revolt the city first and then land your CS in the city during the red revolt period, which starts 12 hours after you clear the city and your revolt starts.
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    Fixed Text bug

    glad to know it's not just me and not just in Golgi. I tried to deal with the farming village and couldn't type the numbers in the box
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    Angels Vs. Demons

    evil always seems to win out on these things that's why I always go with Angels +1
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    *** 80's FLASHBACK ***

    All of this good music but I don't see one from Bon Jovi yet, so I decided to share
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    Official Statement From Innogames

    Yeah, the sale worked exactly how they wanted. Players that got the offer stocked up on the bp buffs, including buying multiple packs of gold across different worlds. Those that didn't get the bp buff didn't buy the gold as much and are mad about the unfairness. So now we have players that...
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    Divine Senses

    Honestly, I did not get the BP buff offer. I am reading suggestions here to make things fair. I think the only fair thing would be to give everybody that is playing right now the BP buffs to equal that of the most bought buff. This is the way to make it fair for everyone but also allows us to...